Wednesday, May 1, 2013

2 girls together just a little less alone


The year I turned 21 was the most tumultuous of my lifetime, having a preterm baby, going to graduate school, getting a divorce...none of those things have anything on the year of 21. I not only have a mind full of memories, I also have a permanent reminder on my body of that year.  

My best friend Breann is one of those people. The person who knows when to visit, or text or call, or send a card, she has a sixth sense for my depression. And the winter of my discontent  2000-2001 qualified in a big way.  Breann drove from Iowa to Manhattan to stay with me for about a week.  We were both having a less than stellar year, but it seemed easier having her by my side.  And as 21 year olds often do, we had the perfect idea. 

"Let's commemorate this year, our friendship and anything in between by getting a tattoo!"   If there is a type of person who has a tattoo (which I think there is less and less of a type for that) I am not the type.  Because I am a control freak and somehow letting someone mark permanently on my body seems a little out of control for me.  

In fact when we were 18 in college Breann and a few other girls from my dorm went to Lincoln Nebraska and got tattoos and I politely declined. But this year I was different. 

In our infinite amount of 21 year old wisdom we made our decision at about 5pm, went to make an appointment for the next morning and slept on our choice (12 hours is good for a permanent decision right?).  We both got the same tattoo, which we located on album art in a BMG music (remember those?) cd catalog (I was a member, of course, all the cool kids were).  

No we weren't/aren't big Marcy Playground fans...we got the ring of flowers, minus the strange guy

What was I thinking? I really didn't think much at that point. I ran on pure reaction and emotion.  I wanted so badly to be someone who was not myself.  I longed for an anachronism. I did so many things that I wouldn't recognize. This is the only one people can still see.  

And's like a lovely scar. It's the symbol of a million things, not the least of these enduring friendship, of two girls who could have easily self-destructed, but instead persisted.

PS As for tattoos and me now, I have loosened the reigns on my control freakishness-- I want to get this one touched up and add another one with Breann. And I am not opposed to another one, if the well-thought-out mood strikes me.   

Title courtesy: two little girls: ani difranco

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Ashley H said...

They are addicting. I don't think that I knew you had one!