Thursday, August 15, 2013

you're gonna miss me by my hair

Dear Sloane,

You are 32 months old this month (so you are 2 and 8 months)...getting closer to three everyday.

You start dance class next month and preschool in January.

You talk all the time.  You are pretty enamored with fairy tale like stories right now (themes that include princesses, witches, dragons, dinosaurs and explorers are your favorites).  Pocahontas gets a lot of play. You love to dress up in hats, jewelry and shoes.  You play pretend almost all the time, although you do love for someone to pitch to you (you bat left-handed, Papa G is so proud).

You are still interested in your play kitchen and love to go to Dillons (so you can drive the green car cart) and get groceries. Blue is your favorite color and you love to ask other people "what's your favorite color?"

Unfortunately you know that every time you go to the store you can probably talk your mom into getting you a little something. Luckily at 2, this tends to be $1 for m&ms or stickers (note to self: break this soon).  

You think bubbles are magical (I agree)

You are a champion bedtime staller and know which technique is most successful (just one more kiss and a hug).  You are still in your crib, but we found you a big girl bed and you are excited to try it out soon. Mommy and daddy are stalling this time, it's so nice to know that when we put you in bed that's where you will stay for the night.

I know it's ridiculous, right?  But I figure I can resell it when she grows out of it. 

Your favorite animal is still the owl (which you call "whoo-hoo") and you love your dinosaurs too. You love going to Bible class on Sunday to see your friends and make art projects.  Your cousins are your "best friends".  You like to hang out at the theatre with mommy or daddy and feel very at home on the stage (who would have guessed).

It is a joy to listen to your mind work, even when it's against me.

I am not always sure I want another baby, but I do wish I could relive the time you were a baby pretty often. But I try not to while away this time wishing for the past, because I know one day I will miss this too.


title courtesy of that Anna Kendrick song...Cups (You're Gonna Miss Me)


Happy Mama (Lisa Gonzalez) said...

I really love your Sloane posts. You are such a sweet mama.

Ashley H said...

1) I really love this song.
2) I love these posts. She is SUCH a character. Cannot believe she is getting close to 3 already!

Sarah said...

So sweet!

Aunt Joanne said...

1) She bats left handed!! Just like me!

2) She is at home on the stage! Sigh...

3)That bed is adorable!

4)I love your blog. You are a good mama.