Monday, May 18, 2009

reality strikes back

I had a "back to reality" weekend. It was comforting to try and fit back into the routine again.
  • Saw Angels & Demons Friday night (solo of course): <3
  • Cleaned (really cleaned) the bathroom & kitchen
  • Grocery shopping & Target (the real measure of returning to reality)
  • Watched the season finales of LOST, Survivor & Mistresses + a Medium episode
  • Extra sleep (much needed)
  • Pedicure <3
  • Upgraded my the LG Lotus <3>
  • Breakfast at First Watch w/ Keenan
  • Cooked my french onion pork chop skillet (still no appetite to eat it though)
  • Sorted through & purged the mail, the junk drawer and half my closet (moving on June 8)!
  • Coupon clipping

On Sunday night, after Survivor and In Treatment, I felt so sad to start this week. I know I will be swamped at work until at least Thursday (tomorrow is our Luau for the individuals, they are pumped for pizza & dancing!). And it's just another week where I barely see Keenan. Trying to keep my spirits up...


Ashley said...

Moving where?

rachel whetzel said...

Love ya!! Thinking about you too.

Sarah said...

wasnt LOST the bomb!!? (like literally) Feb cant come soon enough for me.