Wednesday, September 28, 2011

a piece of love in your face


I've moved back to my home town and spent a month here without Keenan as he finishes his job up in Kansas City.  Saturday we will move into our new little place and Sunday he will be here finally.  Sloane cannot wait (she "talks" to him everyday on speakerphone and everytime he greets her with a rumbling "BAMBINA!" she squeals and kicks her legs with delight) it will be a joyful reunion indeed.

Sloane says "Happy fall" I wish you could see her adorable bow with her name on it
made by my fabulous cousin Courtney
I am enjoying being present for all the family events as of late: my dear grandma turned 90, my brother had his 27th birthday dinner last night, my nephew turned 1, we had a party for a "good TV night" when the finale of Big Brother and the premiere of Survivor was on, we watched our beloved Broncos win last week and lose this week together and I've been able to head out to my high school to watch my the dance team my sister coaches during the football games that my step-brother coaches and watch my little brother put on pads and a helmet and play junior high football (so cute).  Sloane is in heaven with all of this activity and love.    

title courtesy of Ingrid Michaelson: breakable

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

i'm yours

I had a free photo book I had to use. I love the colors. All photos are copyrighted by Jenna Huffman.

title courtesy of Jason Mraz

Thursday, September 15, 2011

you and me baby, we're stuck like glue

This is definitely the rehearsal dress.  I love it. <3 So soft, delicate and pretty and vintage-ish--and affordable.  One thing checked off the for the other million things-- well maybe I'll start tomorrow.    

title courtesy of Sugarland

Monday, September 12, 2011

made from love

I have inherited a few things from my grandparents and an obselete roll top desk with a old stereo system in it is one of them.  My step dad gutted out the old stereo and I found this image which is exactly what I am looking to do with it.  Would love to have a space in my kitchen, or scraproom for it.  Isn't it lovely!? She painted the inside of the drawers that lovely Tiffany blue and the desk black then white and then sanded parts of it.  I adore it.  Can't wait to finally move into a new place and get busy making it home.

title courtesy of Stevie Wonder: Isn't she lovely?

Thursday, September 1, 2011

pump the jam

adventures in lactation follow:

It's my last 2 days at my job, which fortunately last 2 days utilizing my pumping spot. It's been so nice that my employer has followed the federal law in providing me a place to take a break during the day to use my awesome "pump in style" (that's really the name of the ugly leather black can't make this stuff up! as if the bag style matters when you are sitting in the oh-so-sultry position of having your work clothes hiked up and 2 pumps attached to you praying someone respects the lock on the door) Medela.

style in a nutshell black bag

danger in the pump room, I told my work bestie that if I am electrocuted
while pumping to make me look to decent before allowing in one in to the room.

respect the signage

title courtesy of the 90's, I had to do it.