Thursday, July 31, 2008

boredom & avoidance behavior

you can't choose the words it chooses from your blog, which is unfortunate because it picked all of my stellar tv couple names, which is strange out of context. I am sure I mention my actual friends and family more than the fictional, don't I?

little something

sometimes u just need a little something to get u through the day. today it's the words and wisdom of others.

"How we live our days is how we live our lives." Annie Dillard

also my daily calendar said this...which i needed to hear--> "You probably can have it all, just not at the same time." Anna Quindlen.

and an old standby..."somedays you are the hammer and somedays you are the nail."

Monday, July 28, 2008

feathers and coke cans, chinese dinners and letters she won't send...

pretty low key went too fast (they always do). i actually took pictures this weekend. i am becoming terrible about taking photos. i never remember to get my camera out.

we met Keenan's brothers out at the Granfalloon, where Mike (brother on the right). Stevie (brother on the left) was in town from Manhattan. We also had drinks with Joey Gathright of the Royals (who was super nice), but of course I was too shy and embarassed to take a picture of him.

i have had my new haircut for over a month but have not really taken any good pictures of it, so i finally tried to do that. i have bangs for the first time in over a decade.

this last shot is of my weekend deals at cvs. i got all of this for 7$. Yep that's a new Revelon 3 shade eyeshadow, 2 Rimmel eyeliners, BandAids, 8 rolls of Scott papertowels and 1 speedstick (for mr. r), and 2 Palmolive dish soaps...7bucks. Tell me coupons don't work and i will show you success. i love cvs'ing and couponing...even if i do have that in common with most senior citizens.

another week at work and then going home to Salina for the weekend to see family. I am so glad that each week only has one Monday in it. Happy Birthday Chance & Adam!

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Posted by Picasa
Posted by Picasa

Bre was wanting these photos and I thought I should finally upload them. This was a few days before I moved to KC. I got to babysit Maxx and Bre & Dave's softball game. He was a perfect angel the whole time.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

she says "i know, i know it's only in my head."

sleeping and lonliness have never mixed well for me (similar effect as bre & cough medicine). i tend to have dreams that end up making me overanalyze everything all day too. sleepy and sad today. what do you know it's 11:11. wish. wish i could stop acting like someone else and start being myself again.

therefore i must digress. i've decided for something a little lighter than my cryptic coded ramblings. my top 5 relationships...ok, so they were never mine...but i loved them so.

dylan and brenda...are you losing your religion? a super couple MUST have a song and when dylan and brenda broke up REM sang and it broke our collective 90210-loving hearts...

alex and ellen...and if you are a real 80's baby you are singing their song in your head...

nate and brenda, six feet under...i simply plugged my ears when they had nate almost cheat on brenda before he died...and i still think their intense dysfunction was one of the best things about one of my fave shows. thank goodness the writers made his last words to her via dream "i love you so much, i always will."

sorry for the cheese but Danny Santos and Michelle Bauer Santos...from (embarassing but true) my soap opera...Guiding Light...they are long since off the show, but at least I can still catch old episodes of them on You Tube.

sun & jin from LOST...I will never forgive Damon Lindelhoff if Jin is dead. never.

couples you will never see make my list Carrie and Big, Ross & Rachel, McDreamy and Meredith or any characters from the OC...

couples that almost made the list...House & Stacey, claire and billy: six feet under...

oops,i guess lauren ambrose wasn't in that picture...oooooh well.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

miss lonelyhearts

i barely spend anytime at home, but when i do it just reminds me how lonely i am here. keenan has tons of friends and family here and really don't have much of either. i came home a little early today and did nothing but pout and feel sad.

the photo is from Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window...

Monday, July 21, 2008

i'm not an addict, it's cool...

"i feel alright, if u don't have it your on the other side. i'm not an addict, baby, that's a lie..." k's choice

photo credit

i have quit drinking pop/soda/coke so many times in the last few years, only to become addicted all over again. i hate that i am addicted to pop once again. in high school it was pepsi.then i quit. then in college i was hard-core for dr. pepper. and then i quit...then i started jonesing for fountain cokes during my stint at eyecare, then diet coke and coke zero (until my migraines made me rethink ever sipping a diet pop ever again) so i quit it all...then grad school brough mt. dew into my life. then i quit it's fountain cokes and sunkist orange. i NEED to quit again, i feel so much better when i am off the stuff...however i rationalize it because i eat healthily most always, i exercise and i have NO other vices...more on my attempt to kick this sugary sucrose hygroneanated habit sooner or later.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

baking blues

i have been too bogged down to blog lately. i get home and feel exhausted. we are short staffed which means i work the teaching shift and then do all my manager stuff after work. i have to work tomorrow, which completely bums me out. the only thing that seems to lift my spirits is baking. i've made brownies and shortcakes this week. neither of us eats sweets too often, so it mostly just sits and gets stale, but it must be the process i need because it's all i feel like doing. i worked 110 hours this pay period. hmmm, this is why salary sucks. sucks big.

last night we did see dark knight though and it was AMAZING. i usually hate superhero movies but this was an exception. christian bale was yummy in a way that makes me wish i never saw him in american psycho and heath ledger was every bit of the hype he was given. he was amazing, he created such an interesting character, chilling and so sad when he says something to the effect of that "you learn everything about a person when they die..." so sad that he died in that way.

tonight we are headed to fric and frac with friends to celebrate Keenan getting a role today (and Price too!). it's 50cent taco night and hopefully it will go very slowly as i am not looking forward to saturday to be over.

scrapping Saturday

got a little more scrapping done this weekend. a couple pages for a couple of challenges at tally. the first was to incorporate a summer photo, a transparency and a photo corner...I used masking tape for my photo corner and everything else except the minialphas used in the title are from the July Kit at TallyScrapper. I am scrapping a lot of old pics lately. This one is of Breann and I right after she and her dh bought their home in 2005. It just struck me that I should scrap this photo after hearing that completely mushy "You're Gonna Miss This" song. I usually don't listen to country music, but it was the Scrapping the Music challenge a few weeks ago and I started thinking about what I really miss and the answer is pre-adulthood, but post-childhood, post-adolescence...I miss living with my best friend in our little house. Things have changed drastically since then in both our lives and life is different. Life is GOOD it's different though. I miss that time though. blah blah blather blah.

The second one: pajama whimsy... is for a Christmas in July challenge where I had to use non-christmasy stuff with christmas pics. I chose to scrap our fam tradition that my mom still carries on to this day even though we aren't children eve pajamas.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

rome still isn't built...

i have little to say. even my boss noted today that i am quiet. i guess i am just trying to figure out what is best to say, and when is best to say it. i think i am a little down that the big changes i want to make are taking a while to get started...thus frustration from this little perfectionist. also i just think i'm in a funk. wishing i could make more friends up here and missing my siblings and my mom. my boss noted i was quiet and i told her why and she laughed and then she told the assistant director that i was down, because rome wasn't built yet. it's true, my perfectionism and impatience borders upon ridiculous.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


I've been so busy at work lately I come home and basically drop to sleep. But tonight I had a little energy to scrap. Have to upload the new pages tomorrow. I've been scrapping old pics a lot lately. Tonight I scrapped the first pics of Brielle (my amazing niece, who is almost 3) and a pic of Tay, Matt and I at Bre & Dave's wedding, so I guess I was back in 2005 tonight.

Last night I got to talk to my friends Seth & Amanda on the phone. We've been friends since 2000, so it was really nice to talk to them again, we'd kind of lost touch (mostly my fault) and it was so nice to reconnect and learn that they only live about an hour and 30 minutes away from me now. I can't wait to visit them and meet their newest little one McKenna Grace and see their oldest girl Morgynn again. It was so nice to hear how well they are doing and how happy they are...they celebrated their 6 year wedding anniversary in March.

I also talked to my niece on the phone, she told me that my nephew (who is due in December) will be named Tiernan David. I really love his name. Brielle and Tiernan-- I think those go well together. Can't wait to have someone else to spoil.

Monday, July 7, 2008

2 year blog-iversary

Today exactly this time 9:47 pm is my 2 year blog-anniversary. Big changes in the last two years, but overall good changes. I was logging on to blog about the craziness that is Monday at the day center...instead I think I will just try to forget it as I think that venting about it will only fuel me again. Tomorrow is drama day/ Milo and the Magical Stones is the story for tomorrow. I better paint my stone before bed.

Happy 2 years of senseless, exhibitionist typing. I also linked my old blog to the left, in case you are dying to read the backlog.

sing...sing out loud...sing out strong...

Today's Capricorn Horoscope: Jul 07, 2008
Sing loud enough for the whole neighborhood to hear you, dear Capricorn. It could be that you are reluctant to project your shower song beyond the bathroom walls because you are uneasy about what others might think of your voice. The bottom line is that the thing that matters most is your passion. If you are having a good time then the people listening to you are sure to have a good time, too.

Title of this blog, courtesy of Sesame Street's Prarie Dawn.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

tennis history!

I just finished a guts-heavy match! I just watched tennis history! Nadal won! In the longest match in Wimbledon almost complete darkness Nadal beat King Federer.

Sweet Summer Sunshine...

I got my kit to design with for Tally this month. It goes on sale for the public on the 15th of the month. This kit was designed by fab lady Leah Crowe.

I have been scrapping all weekend. Here are some of the layouts that have come out of the blur of new wonderful products!

My brothers: Matt & Brooks circa 2000 and last Christmas

Keenan and me in Vegas, love that funky Sassafrass Lass paper

My mom and I circa 1987

and a couple for my art journal...Tally hosts an art journal monthly prompt... this is for my June prompt "Never" as well as just a memory that I wanted to remember...of course using the back of the layout (trying to conserve paper, and room in my albums (thanks Tami)

plus a bullentin on what I've done besides scrap...fresh and yummy!

Plus watched Autism: The Musical and headed out to a couple of barbeques and saw a friend in a show. Quite a wonderful 3 day weekend. In fact I wish it wouldn't end. And now the rain delay is over so I must return to Wimbledon and my cheering on of Rafe!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Williams sisters are my heros...

Venus hasn't dropped a set in five matches. Rock.On.Venus. She may meet Serena in the finals (fingers crossed). 4th of July always brings me joy because on the other side of the pond tennis is heating up. If you are wondering who I want on the men's side since Roddick was upset early...I am cheering on Nadal. I have never been a Federer fan and watching Tiger root for him always makes me sick. I am not that big on the fever-pitch patriotism but I want an American to win Wimbeldon and if one can't (in the case of the men) I don't want Roger-No-emotion-Federer to win. Give me passion: give me Nadal. And if two American women play each other in the final...well that's just twice as sweet. Go girls!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

pretty exciting...

Scrapbooking Supplies

i got on the design team. so thankful. so lucky. so ready to create.