Saturday, July 19, 2008

baking blues

i have been too bogged down to blog lately. i get home and feel exhausted. we are short staffed which means i work the teaching shift and then do all my manager stuff after work. i have to work tomorrow, which completely bums me out. the only thing that seems to lift my spirits is baking. i've made brownies and shortcakes this week. neither of us eats sweets too often, so it mostly just sits and gets stale, but it must be the process i need because it's all i feel like doing. i worked 110 hours this pay period. hmmm, this is why salary sucks. sucks big.

last night we did see dark knight though and it was AMAZING. i usually hate superhero movies but this was an exception. christian bale was yummy in a way that makes me wish i never saw him in american psycho and heath ledger was every bit of the hype he was given. he was amazing, he created such an interesting character, chilling and so sad when he says something to the effect of that "you learn everything about a person when they die..." so sad that he died in that way.

tonight we are headed to fric and frac with friends to celebrate Keenan getting a role today (and Price too!). it's 50cent taco night and hopefully it will go very slowly as i am not looking forward to saturday to be over.

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Ashley said...

I loved Dark Knight! Totally didn't think I would & I didn't even care to see it, but my Fireman was dying to see it. Loved it. & Heath was exceptional as the joker!