Monday, July 21, 2008

i'm not an addict, it's cool...

"i feel alright, if u don't have it your on the other side. i'm not an addict, baby, that's a lie..." k's choice

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i have quit drinking pop/soda/coke so many times in the last few years, only to become addicted all over again. i hate that i am addicted to pop once again. in high school it was pepsi.then i quit. then in college i was hard-core for dr. pepper. and then i quit...then i started jonesing for fountain cokes during my stint at eyecare, then diet coke and coke zero (until my migraines made me rethink ever sipping a diet pop ever again) so i quit it all...then grad school brough mt. dew into my life. then i quit it's fountain cokes and sunkist orange. i NEED to quit again, i feel so much better when i am off the stuff...however i rationalize it because i eat healthily most always, i exercise and i have NO other vices...more on my attempt to kick this sugary sucrose hygroneanated habit sooner or later.

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she doesnt get into the music, the music gets into her... said...

sunkist orange is the devil. hope you can kick it sooner rather than later