Monday, July 7, 2008

2 year blog-iversary

Today exactly this time 9:47 pm is my 2 year blog-anniversary. Big changes in the last two years, but overall good changes. I was logging on to blog about the craziness that is Monday at the day center...instead I think I will just try to forget it as I think that venting about it will only fuel me again. Tomorrow is drama day/ Milo and the Magical Stones is the story for tomorrow. I better paint my stone before bed.

Happy 2 years of senseless, exhibitionist typing. I also linked my old blog to the left, in case you are dying to read the backlog.


Tami said...

our computer is busted, so i can't listen to my ipod, i come to your blog to listen to your music. normally i can't stand blog music, but i think we would enjoy a concert or two together. great tunes

Sarah said...

Hey, whwn you get a chance can you email me Milo and the magical stones (or it is a book, can you tell me the author)? It sounds fun!