Wednesday, October 29, 2008


internet down at home lately causes me to watch much more politics than one soul can handle and i am behind on all things internet.

looking back on my blog at this time last year...not much there. maybe late october is always a quiet time for me. sigh. two years ago my play debuted. otherwise this time of year is spent curled up in a blanket somewhere.

the title of this blog was first overheard coming from my aunt. she referred to my uncle rick as a "looky-lou" because he is always looking around and looking up facts and then reciting them to us. he's very interesting actually, I would like to be known as a "looky-lou" eventually too.

my daily calendar said this the other day...I love it: "take a walk around the block---now." T.K.

watched one of my new top 10 fave movies: the fall. it helps that the sweet little actress in it looks like a grown up replica of my niece Brielle. it is amazing, sort of like Princess Bride without the quips but with more soul, more oomph.

really wishing we could vote early in MO as I am dreading the hours of waiting at the polls. maybe I will bring a book. tons of paperwork to do at work today but this cold has drained the life force right out of me. i wonder if my life force is somewhere in the 500 odd kleenexes in my trash. stupid me thought the flu shot could ward off every virus known to woman...not this virus apparently.

keenan started rehearsals yesterday. hating the new schedule already. whenever i work, he is home, whenever he works i am home. bleh.

i just looked at the clock and thought it was 3pm. it's not. unfortunate.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


i hate it when i don't update forever. then i feel like i flood the blog with blah blah blah. maybe a bulleted list will help.

maybe i should revisit a game taught to me by my beloved mama hen...Sally. fortunately the neurologist went well...turns out my migraines are normal, unfortunately i am just unlucky. i know, right? Shouldn't have taken me a neurologist $$$ to figure that out.

fortunately i headed down to south carolina for a killer girl's weekend/scrapbooking extravaganza. unfortunately i was in the car (after the plane) for far too long, fortunately it was w/ 3 ladies whom i love.

don't was a long trip

fortunately i also finished about 9 pages, mostly in SC, for my album, unfortunately i do not have the energy to post them. (or this may be fortunate depending on how you feel about me, my scrapbooking, or scrapbooking in general).

fortunately keenan and i celebrated our "two-year anniversary" of sorts. we really don't know when we started being officially "together". we just know the first time we spoke. and we count that because it was the moment that made everything seem extremely complicated at that moment but really was the moment that everything became increasingly more simple. so here is our classy celebration. a kansas city tradition and champagne of course. even though we only drank a half a glass together. and the other bottle is being saved for something more momentous, or perhaps impulsive.

and now for a moment of pure nostalgia. this is basically an exact replica of my cabbage patch boy, adolphe sydney. interesting that is name was adolphe as he was born in 1985 and hitler was not immensely popular at that point. poor unfortunate adolphe sydney, born with such a burdensome name, although fortunately i am as proud as a mother could be to report he never became an egomaniacal genocidal maniac.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

adventures in scrapbooking...

back at the scraptable i just need to get my scanner working, because my shakiness and camera skills leave a little to be desired.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

blah blah blah

it's octubre. not too much to say, have some pics of recent happenings to post but will have to post them from the other laptop and at this point that would be too much work. hee hee. I have worked 3, 12 hour days in a row. Only to work at least another 20 hours this week. Bleh.

  • overworked
  • underpaid
  • worried about the economy and the state of America, and about every other thing I am unable to control.

lately my friend McKay and I have been hitting happy hours every Thursday. We've been to Uno's (for yummy garlic bread and wings and a drink) The Melting Pot (for melted wonderous cheese and chocolate and a Boulevard)...and tomorrow is La Bodega for some simmering spanish cuisine...I find myself looking forward to Thursdays as much as the weekend.

last sunday my mama came up to the city and we went to watch our beloved Broncos flop at Arrowhead against the (arguably) worst team in the league. it matters little we still love the orange and blue and we got GREAT seats 12 rows off the field on the 20 yard line. (Jay could hear me shouting affirmations, I'm sure of it) for a mere $50 each. Incredible! (and unfortunate at the same I got sunburned). Overall though the day was a plus. Keenan met mom and I and we met RP, Heidi and April out at Legends at Corona Cantina for chips and salsa and some mexican food.

two fridays ago my friends Kate and Whitney and their husbands came up and the girls met first for happy hour specials at Tomfooleries, where I had the best 2.99 cheeseburger ever, plus some yummy lime margaritas. We wandered around the Plaza art fair and then met up with the guys in Power and Light and headed over to Crosstown Station (the amazing bar where Keenan works). It was wonderful and I think we all agree it MUST happen more often.

i've been immersing myself in politics lately, as depressing as that can get. i am a coveted Missouri voter right now and both sides are courting us like crazy (read: phone calls). of course i've had my mind made up since the democratic convention in 2004 of whom i wanted for our next president. i bought a t-shirt before he had even announced his candidacy and it may break my heart if he doesn't pull it out. go senator obama, go!