Tuesday, August 28, 2012

a material, a material, a material girl

I have been scouring for all the perfect last details for the wedding...One thing I really wanted was a sense of vintage on the tables, I have borrowed some plain white tablecloths from my cousin but it just wasn't the effect that I wanted.  Then I saw this while browsing the net.  And fell in love...

So I began my own search to mix in with the plain white...and I found these, and since this picture was taken about a dozen more.  Hooray!

Vintage sheets & a tablecloth 1.00 each
And a few other finds as well...
Yard sale finds-- 10 cents each

vintage spools, stamps and lovely little milk glass

1969 Southwestern Bell logo cup... I can't resist weird orphans
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title courtesy of Madonna: Material Girl

Friday, August 17, 2012

nothing you confess could make me love you less

I want so desperately to not be one of those manic brides.  The ones who can't think about anything else.  But with only 48 days left and lots to do, I feel a little manic maniac.  In the midst of this wedding planning, I have a toddler and life is happening.  So much beauty and so much pain.

looking forward to making him my official Mr.

totally free printable from Wedding Chicks

My step-sis Heidi got married this last weekend in lovely Winter Park.  Here she is with her dad (my step-dad)
They danced to The Pretenders: I'll Stand By You
....still makes me sob thinking about it.

My awesome former boss Micaela finally earned her rest from 3 years of a fight with cancer
She taught me so much I cannot begin to express the amount of savvy and spunk she possessed.

My mama and step-dad at the wedding...awesome parents, fabulous grandparents

My brother and very soon-to-be sister in law (Sept. 8th) & my nephew Ledger
Excited for their wedding but know that it makes my wedding seem to come even sooner!

Working on the invitations this weekend just waiting for a few little lovelies to make it in the mail...
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via Somerset Memories
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and a little something for the Mr.

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title courtesy of the aforementioned song-- The Pretender's I'll Stand By You

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Baby you light up my world like nobody else

Hello Sloane,

You are 20 months old!  How can it be? 

You love lots of new things this month.  Luckily when you turned 1 your birthday guests were so insightful about what you would like throughout the whole next year.  You have recently discovered coloring and stickers.  You are in love (a girl after my own heart).  One day you and Daddy spent a long time painting on newspaper.  I like seeing your love for art growing.

Another thing you love lately is music.  You like your cd from the drum safari group that you saw at the River Festival.  You request that by saying "nomp nomp" which is Sloanecode for one of the songs "Elephant stomp stomp."  You love Baby and Boyfriend by Justin Beiber.  If you want Baby you say "Beebs!" then you say "mine mine mine".  If you want Boyfriend you simply say "waggy" Sloanecode for Beebs code- "Swaggy".  Like lots of little girls around the globe you also enjoy One Direction: What Makes You Beautiful and enjoy various YouTube parodies of Carly Rae Jepsen's Call me Maybe?.  And you will dance to anything. Literally, anything: including the sound of your aunt Tay's breast pump (TMI?) this tidbit will mortify you one day. 

New words...lot's of names, including putting "eh" in front of your aunt's names.  "eh Tay" "eh Pies" (Aunt Pesha), "eh Ma-eee" (Aunt Maddy) "eh Abril" (aunt April). You say "Elbow" for Elmo instead of just "oh". You can also name other Sesame Street inhabitants: Abby, Coo-ee, Scar (Oscar), and BeeBeed (Big Bird).  To request Curious George you sign "more" and then say "eee-eee" like a monkey.   

You enjoyed the Olympics this month cheering for Gab-Gab (Gabby Douglas) and Awy (Aly Raisman) and waving your "fwag" while dancing to the Star Spangled Banner.

You say "chicken, cheese, hah-haw (hot dog) abaca (avocado) fies (fries) and coo-ee (cookie) and ays (eggs)".  These are about all the foods that you will eat.  You are pretty finicky lately.

You are in an aggravating phase where you refuse to smile for the camera.  I hope that passes before the next two weddings, we would like to have some good shots of your toothy grin all dressed up.

No smiles Sloane

We all wore Sesame Street stickers at the wedding

you love a good hat
Looking forward to more adventures on this 20th month...2 ("tuewww") is coming up soon! 

love you,

One Direction: What Makes You Beautiful (for Sloane)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

road rules apply

We are about to embark on one of my worst fears since having a child of my own.  Family vacation/road trip.  For 4 glorious days we will be in Winter Park with beautiful scenery and mild weather.  But before we get there we have to survive the 9 hour car trip. 

When I asked friends and family members how to survive such a dreadful experience they had one common solution: the IPad.  Unfortunately I don't have an IPad.  Unfortunate for me, that is.  I know myself and if I had anything worth 500ish$ my toddler's little grubbers wouldn't come anywhere near it. 

So I sat down to research and work out how to take a toddler on a trip without an IPad (Iphone, Ipod, anything with a touch screen).  And here is what I am going to try. 

I don't need statistics to tell me how short of an attention span my child has at 19 months.  But it is nice that the research backs up my anecdotal data. 

Ages 16 months - 19 months

Your child might be restless, but is able to sustain attention to one structured activity for 2-3 minutes.
This road trip without stops is 540 minutes.  That is roughly 216 intervals of attention paid to one thing.  This bit of math told me that this was serious.  This would require a multi-pronged plan. 

Before the trip, make sure you have rested.  You need to be able to outsmart the toddler at all times, if this sounds easy to you, you haven't had the pleasure to spend much time around a wily spry toddler. 

If you slip and accidentally show them a stray box of mac & cheese you've packed for later, you will no doubt have a request (think of this as a list of demands from a terrorist) that you cannot fulfill at a reststop. 

1. Variety is key-- I suppose with the prior math I blew my own mind with, this is a given.

2. Use things they didn't know existed...this means new or something you've hidden for a long time, this can be challenging because you cannot be sure that they will really be interested in it if they've never seen it.  Try to pattern the new things off of things they have.

3. Don't break the bank.  I read a blog post about this same topic where she linked all the toys she bought and it would have equalled my budget for the entire trip.  The key is finding things ahead of time, utilizing thrift and yard sales and the dollar store.  I am pretty sure Sloane will love the 1.00 stickers that I bought more than if I got her a new toy for her 2-3 minute attention span.  You can also check out books/videos at the library.  If they don't like them there is nothing lost (unless of course you lose the book). 

4.  Do not sacrifice your own sanity-- you need it: to drive and outsmart them at the same time.  Therefore limit toys that make annoying & loud sounds like the Dora guitar that your brother bought them for Christmas (thanks for nothing).   5.  Save something for the return trip.  Obviously the toys you use on the way there will not have the same sparkle on the way home.  So plan accordingly.  I have packed a lot of things with hidden compartments jam packed full of things for said toddler to root through (she has similar interests as a rodent).  
plenty of junk to lose in the rental car & in the mountains-- the lot of it was a garage sale steal for 1.00
  6. Plenty of snacks (duh). I tried to make the snacks entertaining as well by utilizing my good friend Pinterest. And found these...
She likes to shake out her "feesh"

and this for you more ambitious mommas and poppas (link for credit was broken)
 7.  This is where I would say "have fun you are creating precious memories"...but that doesn't sound like me at all.  So instead I leave you with this...don't forget your __________ (insert anti-anxiety med of choice) and your camera.      title courtesy of Dashboard Confessional: Road Rules Apply

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

And I see love/When the world's on a string

I took a slight break from creating for my own wedding to do a little DIY for my step-sister's wedding next week.  At her bridal shower I volunteered to make the "ribbon bouquet" or "bow-quet" for the rehearsal night.  The tradition is that it is good luck to save the ribbons and paste them to a paper plate and carry them down the aisle on the rehearsal.  I am not sure how long this tradition has been going on, but it has hit a speed bump:  the gift bag.  Hardly anyone truly wraps presents anymore.  We are a gift-bag and gift card culture. 

I still wanted my step-sis to carry something fun and full of sentiment down that practice aisle-walk.  So I enlisted the help of one of her favorite things:  candy.  I used blow-pops as stand-ins for flowers and deconstructed the few ribbons that she did get and curled them, attached a small loop of floral wire and stuck the ribbons into the premade bouquet form I purchased at JoAnn fabric (with a coupon of course). 

It turned out fun...and bonus: edible!

I let those ribbons cascade down from the center and cut them into different lengths

I also worked on my own wedding a tiny bit, repurposing more baby food jars into little vintage favors.  I have had fun filling each and every one.

This filled me with joy recently....

Hooray!  My invitations are designed, now just to print and send
Meanwhile, this filled my tiny tot with joy as she screamed "Beebs" in the mall and was all too happy to pose with him.  She also told everyone later who she saw at the mall. 

I thought the corny paint drawing complimented the poor mall lighting and huge flash just right
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title courtesy of Our Lady Peace: World on a String