Thursday, August 16, 2012

Baby you light up my world like nobody else

Hello Sloane,

You are 20 months old!  How can it be? 

You love lots of new things this month.  Luckily when you turned 1 your birthday guests were so insightful about what you would like throughout the whole next year.  You have recently discovered coloring and stickers.  You are in love (a girl after my own heart).  One day you and Daddy spent a long time painting on newspaper.  I like seeing your love for art growing.

Another thing you love lately is music.  You like your cd from the drum safari group that you saw at the River Festival.  You request that by saying "nomp nomp" which is Sloanecode for one of the songs "Elephant stomp stomp."  You love Baby and Boyfriend by Justin Beiber.  If you want Baby you say "Beebs!" then you say "mine mine mine".  If you want Boyfriend you simply say "waggy" Sloanecode for Beebs code- "Swaggy".  Like lots of little girls around the globe you also enjoy One Direction: What Makes You Beautiful and enjoy various YouTube parodies of Carly Rae Jepsen's Call me Maybe?.  And you will dance to anything. Literally, anything: including the sound of your aunt Tay's breast pump (TMI?) this tidbit will mortify you one day. 

New words...lot's of names, including putting "eh" in front of your aunt's names.  "eh Tay" "eh Pies" (Aunt Pesha), "eh Ma-eee" (Aunt Maddy) "eh Abril" (aunt April). You say "Elbow" for Elmo instead of just "oh". You can also name other Sesame Street inhabitants: Abby, Coo-ee, Scar (Oscar), and BeeBeed (Big Bird).  To request Curious George you sign "more" and then say "eee-eee" like a monkey.   

You enjoyed the Olympics this month cheering for Gab-Gab (Gabby Douglas) and Awy (Aly Raisman) and waving your "fwag" while dancing to the Star Spangled Banner.

You say "chicken, cheese, hah-haw (hot dog) abaca (avocado) fies (fries) and coo-ee (cookie) and ays (eggs)".  These are about all the foods that you will eat.  You are pretty finicky lately.

You are in an aggravating phase where you refuse to smile for the camera.  I hope that passes before the next two weddings, we would like to have some good shots of your toothy grin all dressed up.

No smiles Sloane

We all wore Sesame Street stickers at the wedding

you love a good hat
Looking forward to more adventures on this 20th month...2 ("tuewww") is coming up soon! 

love you,

One Direction: What Makes You Beautiful (for Sloane)

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Lisa Gonzalez said...

She is so beautiful! I wish we could hang out together, I'd love to get to know Miss Sloane! and you too, of course :)

What a beautiful family you have.