Wednesday, August 1, 2012

And I see love/When the world's on a string

I took a slight break from creating for my own wedding to do a little DIY for my step-sister's wedding next week.  At her bridal shower I volunteered to make the "ribbon bouquet" or "bow-quet" for the rehearsal night.  The tradition is that it is good luck to save the ribbons and paste them to a paper plate and carry them down the aisle on the rehearsal.  I am not sure how long this tradition has been going on, but it has hit a speed bump:  the gift bag.  Hardly anyone truly wraps presents anymore.  We are a gift-bag and gift card culture. 

I still wanted my step-sis to carry something fun and full of sentiment down that practice aisle-walk.  So I enlisted the help of one of her favorite things:  candy.  I used blow-pops as stand-ins for flowers and deconstructed the few ribbons that she did get and curled them, attached a small loop of floral wire and stuck the ribbons into the premade bouquet form I purchased at JoAnn fabric (with a coupon of course). 

It turned out fun...and bonus: edible!

I let those ribbons cascade down from the center and cut them into different lengths

I also worked on my own wedding a tiny bit, repurposing more baby food jars into little vintage favors.  I have had fun filling each and every one.

This filled me with joy recently....

Hooray!  My invitations are designed, now just to print and send
Meanwhile, this filled my tiny tot with joy as she screamed "Beebs" in the mall and was all too happy to pose with him.  She also told everyone later who she saw at the mall. 

I thought the corny paint drawing complimented the poor mall lighting and huge flash just right
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Ashley H said...

Oh my goodness that pic with Beebs is TOO stinkin' CUTE!