Monday, July 30, 2012

You finally took my hand, it took a nip of gin

I found this little guy at my local Goodwill for .49...but I knew he had the potential to become a lovely cake stand.  For the reception I am hoping to have a fabulous dessert table full of vintage and vintage-inspired serving dishes filled with family favorites.   This isn't my first rodeo  DIY-cake plate.  They are so easy.  I sanded and spray primed and used some heavy duty glue and viola!
finished product, ready to hold delicious desserts
Another recent decision concerning the reception was barware.  Although I live in Kansas, and my reception is in a tent, I didn't want the environment of my sixties inspired soiree being corrupted by the "red solo cup".  For one, red is not in the color palate and two I am not a Toby Keith fan.  Therefore, I used some time to online price plastic barware and realized using real glasses would be more cost effective and that they could be kept, gifted or resold.  Then the great glassware hunt began.  I found these two gems. 

Vintage lowball glasses with a strange character, (anyone know who?)
these will definitely stay in our family bar cabinet --.29 each

I couldn't resist stopping at a few yard sales this weekend and found 3 pairs of shoes for Sloane.  Those gold Trumpette mocs are my favorites (they retail for 26$).  Total cost- 2.00 for the lot of these. Her feet grew recently so I was happy to add a few choices to her shoe supply.   

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title courtesy of the anti-Toby Keiths themselves: The Dixie Chicks: White Trash Wedding


Kristal said...

That cartoon figure is Reddy Kilowatt, used to promote electricity back in the day.

Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

Yup, Reddy Kilowatt.

Lucky find! I love them.

Lisa Gonzalez said...

Adorable finds, per usual :)

Ashley H said...

Cuuuute shoes!!

halesbales said...

Great find on shoes!! I need to find some for Clara. She'll be walking soon!