Monday, July 2, 2012

sit down and write me a letter

Between yard sales and thrifting recently I've added a few new pieces to my growing collection of milk glass, and I picked up a little sugar bowl for the reception dessert table. 

The compote dish with the flowers is my favorite.  Each of the pieces were three dollars, with the exception of the pitcher, which I found for a dollar. 

I am already loving this one to store my washi tape

I have an idea for these for the reception/dance the titles that I scored

I also got the invitations ordered for the wedding. This is the photo of the listing on Etsy...however I made quite a few customizations. Can't wait to see the proof!

title courtesy of Ryan Adams: The sun also sets

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Ashley H said...

I like that style of invitation. I've seen them for birth announcements too.

LOVE the milk glass pieces:)