Wednesday, April 30, 2008


i scrap. i know you wouldn't know it from my old, archaic blog, except for my obsessive mentioning of my on-line addiction... but i figured, where better is there to shamelessly display my work other than my very own blog. So here are a couple of pages- the green one is recent and the yellow one about my bff is not...although it is a passive-agressive plea to get her to call me, even though i know she's busy w/ her new bundle-o-cute.

overheard at work...

"she's the most quiet, gentile woman."

I am assuming she meant genteel...the woman is refined and sweet that she meant nothing regarding the woman's status as being non-Jewish...

I love heart my cubicle.

productivity is overrated...

here we are sunny and happy in vegas, Keenan sporting his "days off from acting scruff" and me sporting SPF 3000.

officially counting down the days (of course i've been unofficially counting for sometime now...) I have 5 days & 12 hours until i pick Keenan up from the airport and i NEVER have to return him to the tour bus again...the tour and separation is OVER. I basically could not be any more ecstatic...which also seems to have stunted my productivity in general...oops. However, generally speaking I've been very productive for the 269 days we've been apart...what's a 5 day hiatus anywho?

interview went well by all reports yesterday. would love to score this job, don't want to talk about it yet though as i don't want to jinx myself. of course my endearing, sweet mr. brightside-boyfriend is already convinced that i have secured said job.

keep your fingers crossed. xox.

Monday, April 28, 2008

sick day

even after all the vitamin c i've been pumping into my body for the last week I've known I was coming down with a cold. it hit full force last night. even though my mother heard a report that if your job deals with helping people you will get sick less because your sense of self worth is higher...however I have caught every blasted bug that has been in the center since the day i all i am left with is that i can be paid to be sick i am taking a sick day today because i have to drive to kansas city tomorrow and am hoping the rest today will pay off.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

new digs

here is my new home sweet home on the web. I got tired of my last blog, because it couldn't do anything all the other cool blogs can do. I felt like my blog was similar to owning a vcr, it could still function, but not something you wanted your friends to see. so bear with me while I try out all the new bells and whistles.

"No one will ever relate to the world exactly the way you do." T Kinkade (quote from my day-by-day calendar)

And because it's the weekend I thought I'd post my two new fave men on the planet...Maxx David Aurthur & Greysen Xavier...they are 9 days apart and destined to be heartbreakers.