Monday, April 28, 2008

sick day

even after all the vitamin c i've been pumping into my body for the last week I've known I was coming down with a cold. it hit full force last night. even though my mother heard a report that if your job deals with helping people you will get sick less because your sense of self worth is higher...however I have caught every blasted bug that has been in the center since the day i all i am left with is that i can be paid to be sick i am taking a sick day today because i have to drive to kansas city tomorrow and am hoping the rest today will pay off.


whetzel momma said...

ewwwww!! Hope you feel better and feel better SOON!! Like, before you have to go to Kansas City!!

Christine said...

get well soon! have a safe trip and have fun! what cute boys down below!

Sarah said...

That sucks! I hope you are feeling better today!