Saturday, April 26, 2008

new digs

here is my new home sweet home on the web. I got tired of my last blog, because it couldn't do anything all the other cool blogs can do. I felt like my blog was similar to owning a vcr, it could still function, but not something you wanted your friends to see. so bear with me while I try out all the new bells and whistles.

"No one will ever relate to the world exactly the way you do." T Kinkade (quote from my day-by-day calendar)

And because it's the weekend I thought I'd post my two new fave men on the planet...Maxx David Aurthur & Greysen Xavier...they are 9 days apart and destined to be heartbreakers.


rajah1116 said...

GREAT new blog! Those little men are ADORABLE!

whetzel momma said...

YEEEEES!! Do you know I can't comment on your other blog?! I'm so happy that you changed!! I will be subbing as soon as I finish typing this!!! Let me know if you need any help with ANYTHING!! I've got a pretty good handle on the whole blogger world!!
PS... You really don't have to have comment moderation AND the word verification... I don't have either on my blog... I just delete any comments that are bot generated, or trollish. I haven't had any trolls... just bots like MAYBE 5 times in the two years I've had it!

Breann said...

love your new place...and that little froggie you posted!