Wednesday, April 30, 2008

productivity is overrated...

here we are sunny and happy in vegas, Keenan sporting his "days off from acting scruff" and me sporting SPF 3000.

officially counting down the days (of course i've been unofficially counting for sometime now...) I have 5 days & 12 hours until i pick Keenan up from the airport and i NEVER have to return him to the tour bus again...the tour and separation is OVER. I basically could not be any more ecstatic...which also seems to have stunted my productivity in general...oops. However, generally speaking I've been very productive for the 269 days we've been apart...what's a 5 day hiatus anywho?

interview went well by all reports yesterday. would love to score this job, don't want to talk about it yet though as i don't want to jinx myself. of course my endearing, sweet mr. brightside-boyfriend is already convinced that i have secured said job.

keep your fingers crossed. xox.

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