Friday, May 30, 2008


We just got back from Sex & The City. I thought it was absof-inglutely fabulous! Of course there was no one I would rather see it with than took me right back to us painting our nails on WElm and waiting for our fave 30 minutes of Sunday nights and the time that we bought the tank tops declaring "I'm a Charlotte" & "I'm a Miranda"...and even 5 years later, in many ways we still are.
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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

i spy...

a family.
a family that i love
and i will hate being 180 miles away from
but yet know that there will be no distance between our hearts.
thanks Riggerts for spending last night with me.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

done. done. & done.

This weekend was my 10 year hs reunion. I have loads of pics to post but alas have left my camera USB cord at Bre's, will retrieve it tomorrow at our last local scrapnight (for awhile probably). But this was a layout that I did tonight and scanned in and had to share. I remember clearly these two moments in my senior year of high school. Me telling my friends that at our reunion I would finally have straight teeth and that I would have grown my bangs out. I accomplished both feats (thanks to a year of porcelain braces and a lot of patience and hair cuts). Kate said that her lofty goal was to not be one of those people who peaked in high school...I think you can tell from the dazzling smile and sparkly blue eyes, she's met her wish as well. I made this layout in honor of the funny things that we used to think were so important...however I don't doubt that if my teeth were still crooked I would definitley be riddled by the shallow thoughts of prior years. (Now I am able to focus on much more deep and interesting things)...Ha.

Getting a little nervous about the lack of a home and my job starting in a few days, but I am sure somehow things will work themselves out, or through. So I'll avoid worrying, unless of course worrying can serve as a procrastination method to help me to avoid things like packing or cleaning-- then I will definitely choose worrying.

Brief class reunion notes, photos to follow:
  • We pulled off the whole weekend!

  • I got to spend QT with my friends and Keenan (they now know he's real)

  • We raised 2000$ at our benefit 5K run/walk for our classmate's daughter Guin!

  • About half of our class showed up for at least one of the 3 activities.

  • Finished my first 5K

  • Gave the memory book I created to Guin have lots of pics of her holding on tight...

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Matt graduated! He got his bachelor's degree from KWU. We are so proud. I was in such a flurry I actually wore my dress backwards all day long. It wasn't until I was putting it on for my reunion this weekend that I thought "This dress was cuter when I tried it on in the store?" Then I realized my fashion faux pas...tres idiot. I corrected it before my night on the town, but in these pictures my mistake will live on, in infamy.

little gentleman

Keenan decided that Maxx was a little gentleman, he even initiated him into BBX.

Monday, May 19, 2008

little apple weekend

had a whirlwind of nostalgia over the weekend. went to the little apple and hung out mostly at the best place in the 'ville, if not on the planet. we stayed with our friends MaryRenee and Jeremiah and their sundry of adorable children. got to see other friends too-- so nice.

sunday came and went quickly. driving to kc and back will kill a day. keenan has auditions today in kc and is on the great apartment search. i am finishing up my last two weeks in salina before I relocate the sea of boxes that has been drowning my parents basement for the last nine months.

this weekend is actually my 10-year hs reunion...I know, what? sometimes it does feel like a decade ago, other times it seems close and familiar. it will be nice to hang out with my snob mob friends this weekend and they will finally get to meet keenan (proof that I haven't been photographing a random man and saying he's my boyfriend...a la Jan Brady).

still a little stuttershook about moving since the last time we tried to relocate went over about as well as a pre-frontal lobotomy sans anesthesia. plus getting used to being together again is interesting, right now if we were in pre-school they would note that we are engaging in parallel play...we are both pretty used to our separate time and lives and are trying to meld that together again.

Monday, May 12, 2008

oblivion ensues

feeling a bit out of touch w/ the outside world lately...most of what i clung to like a security blanket of sanity during the tour has been thoughtlessly abandoned (weather, horoscopes, stalking blogs, scrapping like mad, House, Law & Order...erm well ok--Jeremy Sisto...etc). Now I wake up, have no idea what the weather will be, how I am faring in the latest on-line challenge, what the stars say for the day and what the precious few new episodes of this season hold for viewers. But I wake up and Keenan is there and that seems to make up for my least for now. I'm pretty sure "panic" is the next stage-- so I am just going to enjoy oblivion for a bit longer.

BTW Bre & I have a new adventure in the works. You'll have to stay tuned- it's going to be killer.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

christmas presents

I got a Christmas de Mayo present on Monday about an hour before I left to retrieve Keenan (who was a gift enough) from the airport...I GOT A JOB...A real drama therapy job which will allow me to have my own staff and possibly interns in the future and will fast-track me towards my RDT. I simply could not have had a better Monday.

Today it was back to the reality of the moment, but nothing can ruin the Monday glow. Now I just need to find the perfect apartment and the perfect shoes and jewelry for my outfit for my high school reunion...yep 10 years...contemplating this-- we'll see.

Have a fab Wednesday!

Monday, May 5, 2008

my very own christmas morning...

You might have thought it was Cinco de Mayo...I'm feeling like Christmas today... Today the tour is finally over. Keenan is onstage as I type this for the last time in his role and he gets on a plane soon in Chicago and I will make what is becoming a weekly drive to Kansas City to procure him. I am beyond excited! After 9 months of living apart I am definitely ready to find out what comes next.

scrapping the music...

Here's my scrapping the music entry for this week. The picture is from Philly a couple days after I went to caucus on Super Tuesday in Kansas. The text that I wrote is taken from Senator Obama's speech in January in NH. Lyric at the bottom is from indie band Hits & Mrs.

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Happy National Scrapbooking Day...judge all you want non-believers. I was happy to scrap w/ my bff today. I got two challenges done...I one tallyscrapper...which is the Annie post...I was challenged by my tallyfriend Minda

Minda's challenge to me was: If you could choose your role and venue, where would you play and who would you be playing? Then what advice would that character give to the real Shannon?-- It can in no way relate to Keenan. For the style think clean and simple and theatre.

This was difficult because "acting" for me has been put away in a box, that I don't access a lot anymore, the thought that I don't have as many opportunities anymore is a little hard to deal istead my take is about the dream role of long ago...Annie, which I first saw a commercial for the traveling Broadway troupe in 1982, I was 2 and I loved to sing-along.

Advice that Annie would give me is "i just stick up my chin, and grin, and say...the sun'll come out tomorrow."

Inspiration from the orginal movie poster seen above.

Journaling: The 1977 tony award winning musical "Annie" was my first taste of the theatre. Everytime the commercial (for the Broadway musical) came on I would come running to sing along w/ the orphans. Those commercials were enough to convince me that I had to perform. I wanted so badly to be little orphan Annie. I never played the role of Annie or even got to be in Annie, but Annie will always be in me. Everytime I write, direct or dream for the stage, that little spitfire girl is singing and dancing somewhere in my heart.

And yes, that is a picture of me, fancying myself as little-miss-perfect on my first day of first grade...(oh how I loved first days of school). Too bad you can't see my sweet lavender cabbage patch kid backpack...

The next challenge is a weekly one from Scrapping the Music challenge blog...every week they choose a different song for you to interpret, I love lyrics therefore I love this site.

This week was Shine by Anna Nalick...Journaling around the border reads: One thing that makes you irresistable and infuriating simultanelously is your ever-present modesty. it doesn't matter how many awards u win or what roles ur cast in. u don't like all the attention. u just want to do "good work". All i can do is watch from the audience and wish you knew how great u r.

Lyrics used:"& it's strange how soon u forget that you're like stars that only show up when it's dark." Anna Nalick

Thursday, May 1, 2008

i won!

I am so excited, I won a prize that I didn't even know I was eligible for, or even that there was a prize (this is probably due to the fact that I have a nasty habit of "skimming" instead of "reading"...I can't help it, I picked it up in graduate school and cannot shake it).

My horoscope says that I should be feeling creative and need an outlet (i.e. writing) today, really I just feel a little busy. Therefore, although the stars deem that I should blog, alas I have nothing else to say...for now.

Happy may day, go dance around a may-pole and leave someone a may-day basket, or whatever strikes your fifth-month-of-the-year-fancy.