Tuesday, May 27, 2008

done. done. & done.

This weekend was my 10 year hs reunion. I have loads of pics to post but alas have left my camera USB cord at Bre's, will retrieve it tomorrow at our last local scrapnight (for awhile probably). But this was a layout that I did tonight and scanned in and had to share. I remember clearly these two moments in my senior year of high school. Me telling my friends that at our reunion I would finally have straight teeth and that I would have grown my bangs out. I accomplished both feats (thanks to a year of porcelain braces and a lot of patience and hair cuts). Kate said that her lofty goal was to not be one of those people who peaked in high school...I think you can tell from the dazzling smile and sparkly blue eyes, she's met her wish as well. I made this layout in honor of the funny things that we used to think were so important...however I don't doubt that if my teeth were still crooked I would definitley be riddled by the shallow thoughts of prior years. (Now I am able to focus on much more deep and interesting things)...Ha.

Getting a little nervous about the lack of a home and my job starting in a few days, but I am sure somehow things will work themselves out, or through. So I'll avoid worrying, unless of course worrying can serve as a procrastination method to help me to avoid things like packing or cleaning-- then I will definitely choose worrying.

Brief class reunion notes, photos to follow:
  • We pulled off the whole weekend!

  • I got to spend QT with my friends and Keenan (they now know he's real)

  • We raised 2000$ at our benefit 5K run/walk for our classmate's daughter Guin!

  • About half of our class showed up for at least one of the 3 activities.

  • Finished my first 5K

  • Gave the memory book I created to Guin have lots of pics of her holding on tight...

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