Monday, May 19, 2008

little apple weekend

had a whirlwind of nostalgia over the weekend. went to the little apple and hung out mostly at the best place in the 'ville, if not on the planet. we stayed with our friends MaryRenee and Jeremiah and their sundry of adorable children. got to see other friends too-- so nice.

sunday came and went quickly. driving to kc and back will kill a day. keenan has auditions today in kc and is on the great apartment search. i am finishing up my last two weeks in salina before I relocate the sea of boxes that has been drowning my parents basement for the last nine months.

this weekend is actually my 10-year hs reunion...I know, what? sometimes it does feel like a decade ago, other times it seems close and familiar. it will be nice to hang out with my snob mob friends this weekend and they will finally get to meet keenan (proof that I haven't been photographing a random man and saying he's my boyfriend...a la Jan Brady).

still a little stuttershook about moving since the last time we tried to relocate went over about as well as a pre-frontal lobotomy sans anesthesia. plus getting used to being together again is interesting, right now if we were in pre-school they would note that we are engaging in parallel play...we are both pretty used to our separate time and lives and are trying to meld that together again.

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Christine said...

i know how getting back together and getting used to being around one another can be. it's definitely different! have fun with your new adventure..whatever it is! good luck with the move!