Monday, May 12, 2008

oblivion ensues

feeling a bit out of touch w/ the outside world lately...most of what i clung to like a security blanket of sanity during the tour has been thoughtlessly abandoned (weather, horoscopes, stalking blogs, scrapping like mad, House, Law & Order...erm well ok--Jeremy Sisto...etc). Now I wake up, have no idea what the weather will be, how I am faring in the latest on-line challenge, what the stars say for the day and what the precious few new episodes of this season hold for viewers. But I wake up and Keenan is there and that seems to make up for my least for now. I'm pretty sure "panic" is the next stage-- so I am just going to enjoy oblivion for a bit longer.

BTW Bre & I have a new adventure in the works. You'll have to stay tuned- it's going to be killer.


rachel whetzel said...

mmmmmm love the way your days sound!!! Happy Oblivion!!

mindakims said...

I wanna know the new adventure NOW shanster, NOW!!!!