Saturday, May 3, 2008


Happy National Scrapbooking Day...judge all you want non-believers. I was happy to scrap w/ my bff today. I got two challenges done...I one tallyscrapper...which is the Annie post...I was challenged by my tallyfriend Minda

Minda's challenge to me was: If you could choose your role and venue, where would you play and who would you be playing? Then what advice would that character give to the real Shannon?-- It can in no way relate to Keenan. For the style think clean and simple and theatre.

This was difficult because "acting" for me has been put away in a box, that I don't access a lot anymore, the thought that I don't have as many opportunities anymore is a little hard to deal istead my take is about the dream role of long ago...Annie, which I first saw a commercial for the traveling Broadway troupe in 1982, I was 2 and I loved to sing-along.

Advice that Annie would give me is "i just stick up my chin, and grin, and say...the sun'll come out tomorrow."

Inspiration from the orginal movie poster seen above.

Journaling: The 1977 tony award winning musical "Annie" was my first taste of the theatre. Everytime the commercial (for the Broadway musical) came on I would come running to sing along w/ the orphans. Those commercials were enough to convince me that I had to perform. I wanted so badly to be little orphan Annie. I never played the role of Annie or even got to be in Annie, but Annie will always be in me. Everytime I write, direct or dream for the stage, that little spitfire girl is singing and dancing somewhere in my heart.

And yes, that is a picture of me, fancying myself as little-miss-perfect on my first day of first grade...(oh how I loved first days of school). Too bad you can't see my sweet lavender cabbage patch kid backpack...

The next challenge is a weekly one from Scrapping the Music challenge blog...every week they choose a different song for you to interpret, I love lyrics therefore I love this site.

This week was Shine by Anna Nalick...Journaling around the border reads: One thing that makes you irresistable and infuriating simultanelously is your ever-present modesty. it doesn't matter how many awards u win or what roles ur cast in. u don't like all the attention. u just want to do "good work". All i can do is watch from the audience and wish you knew how great u r.

Lyrics used:"& it's strange how soon u forget that you're like stars that only show up when it's dark." Anna Nalick

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Shan, Love your blog. Congrats on you win.