Sunday, June 29, 2008

lazy days

last june post...where has this year gone?

i am not sure how it started but keenan and i are suddenly obsessed with jon & kate +8 in fact we spent most of the day laying around on the new covers watching the jon & kate marathon. i love watching it with him because we laugh at completely different parts, and whenever jon & kate disagree we totally take opposite sides.

had a pretty lazy weekend over all...

Had to fire someone on Friday, it's definitely one of the worst parts about being the boss.

Friday, went to Archivers for the first time...not impressed, Tally is a way better place to shop! they didn't have either of my fave paper lines and what they did have of some of my faves is outdated...then I went to the Power & Light District w/ McKay, Price & Olivia (Keenan decided he should stay home and eat brownies and play video games)...

Saturday: went to McCoy's for dinner w/ McKay and Keenan and then to Bar Natasha for the 11:30 cabaret show. Natasha is one of my fave places, all the actors work there and sing and dance, it's fabulous!

Sunday: Hoping to go to a matinee show today but instead we watched TLC all day and got groceries and Sunfresh, used my new fabric bags though, so that felt good. Missed church as I am still a little wary of if the one in my neighborhood is ok or not, need to talk to my uncle to find out the scoop.

Not sure yet what we are doing for the 4th but I am pushing hard for the fireworks show at the Royals game. I'd love to go to the K for the 4th...but we haven't decided anything yet. Also hoping to see a show on Thursday night since we don't work on Friday! Pretty sure we are headed to see a friend's show on Saturday as well and may catch Olivia's show on Sunday. That would be a theatre-weekend for sure.

Now that I have rambled on, I think I will try to sleep. g'night.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

perfect song

I think that Round Here by the Counting Crows maybe the perfect song. I wouldn't exactly call it my favorite, but I think it's perfect...lyrically and musically and it doesn't seem to matter how Adam Duritz and the Crows revamp it...I am still in love. I love the acousticy and live version I have on my music player right now.

The most interesting part of the song is that I bought the album when it came out in 1994. That is over a decade ago. I was 14. And from the ages of 14-28 I have related to the song in different lines and riffs.

Frankly I think Adam nailed it.

Friday, June 27, 2008

happy birthday tay-be

it's my sister's 20th birthday. i remember the day she was born, i was 8 and so excited that she was born and that she was (is) a girl. happy birthday tay tay, sabi baby, tay-be, tay, ler, sabes, tabes, sabitan tiger, taytor, tee-yer...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

nod your head and give two winks, save us all from the man with the jinx

apparently I jinxed myself. i announced my migraine and all it's symptoms were gone...I led a wonderful music activity with my folks and then I promptly went to the restroom and threw up. I laid my head down on my desk until I could drive myself home. and here I am again, drugged up and in bed for the 3 day this week.

btw the title of this blog is courtesy of an episode of The Andy Griffith Show...yep I watched a lot of Nick at Nite as a kid.

it's 4pm and i am out for the night... at least I will be sleeping in duvet, new down comforter, new shams...almost heaven. sigh. goodnight.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

two (zoo): frogs

this is day two of my plaguing headache...thus the title...even with a raging headache i can remember my plagues of egypt per years of vacation Bible school and church camp. that's because teaching in a different way's how I learned the ten plagues of case you're interested.

say them out loud with me...

one (run): blood
two (zoo): frogs
three (tree): lice
four (door):frogs
five (hide): the cattle died
six (sick): boils
seven (heaven): hail
eight: (gate): locusts
nine: (night): darkness
ten: death of the first born

yep there's no rhyme for ten...but after you have the 9 down you should be able to remember that tenth one-- cake.

i am hoping by blogging these they will now leave my head for awhile, I am not sure why I am incessantly reciting them in my pounding head as I lay here in the dark and quiet...maybe because I am hoping for a little nine night darkness and am feeling pretty six sick boils...

Monday, June 23, 2008

things i didn't talk about...until now.

these are 2 of my 3 entries for the tallyscrapper design team call. this term i decided that i would focus on things that i don't talk about. the first one is pretty self-explanatory...the second is how i feel about being childless/childfree right now in my life.
at 28 (a scant 6 months away from 29) I am beginning to accept myself in a way that i haven't before. and it feels like home. i feel like i am exactly where i am supposed to be in my life right now, and instead of focusing on which roads I took to get here I am going to start focusing on how nice it is to be here.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

if they hate, then let 'em hate; and watch the $$ pile up...

us at the K cheering on the Boys in Blue to a win over the SF Giants
i call this one "Bobble? Yes!" Mike and Keenan w/ their Alex Gordon Bobbleheads

us at Othello in the park

"time spent worrying what others think of her: zero"

what a lovely weekend. friday was a long day in adjusting-to-new-job land so spending a little time with Keenan & my friends was definitely in order.

Mike, Price and Keenan and I went to Othello in the was most perfect, and then like theatre people do we had a post-mortem. If you aren't in the theatre world this is where you do an autopsy of the show you just saw, cutting out each part, weighing it, documenting it and comparing it to other things you've witnessed in the past and hope to witness in the future. I'd say Iago held up in the post-mortem...but all else was, well eclipsed by the perfect weather and lovely scenery (scenic design credit: God). Afterwards we met up at P Ott's for more post-mortem w/ more theatre people and one fantastic nurse. (love).

Saturday was Alex Gordon bobblehead night at The K, so we headed out to watch the Boys in Blue and to hope for a win. We got our wish...Gil Meche pitched a great game and Soria came in to close and swiftly end the game. Royals win against the Giants and 20, 000 mini-Alex Gordon's enjoy a good show. I ran into my step-sisters during tailgating so it was nice to catch up with the girls too. Afterwards we headed to the Point, where we mostly drank water, ordered Jimmy John's and chatted outside...again weather is perfect here-- cool breezy night...

Today I really should be working incessantly to try to make my next week a little more seamless. But I know it will be chaotic any way I work it so I am not so motivated right now. I made blueberry pancakes and scrambled eggs for brunch and now we must go to Sunfresh or else we will be having Diet Dr. Pepper, 2 low fat poptarts and garlic salt for dinner.

Here are a couple of my latest layouts, trying out for the Tallyscrapper Design Team again. I have my fingers crossed because once Keenan starts shows I will be home alone at night A LOT which I'd love to have something for *me* during that time.

I am already looking forward to next weekend...we are hitting up Mike's gf's show: Desdemona, A Play about a Hankerchief by Paula Vogel (she also wrote an amazing Pulitzer Prize winner: How I Learned to Drive)...This play (des) is Othello from a feminist perspective...I can't wait, whenever theatre and feminism dance together I will not miss it...

Added Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (even though I constantly reverse the title in conversation) by Jonathan Safran Foer to my top 5 books...I absolutely loved it. So now I am off and running on Everything is Illuminated which is actually his first book. I love his style and wish that he would lock himself in his apartment and write day and night forever.

Monday, June 16, 2008

on the blink

I think my phone may be on the blink. I have tried to call people a few times and then they don't show missed calls from me, also my mom tried to call me yesterday and I didn't show a missed call. I am not sure if it was a fluke or what...but e-mail me if you are trying to get a hold of me and cannot--I promise I am not call-screening right now, I am just not getting calls...of course maybe it's just that no one has anything to say, or anytime in which to say that case I will try to get more comfortable with silence.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

she's got 4 good reasons...

I was listening to the Counting Crows (no surprise) on my drive to KC from Salina last weekend, keeping a watchful eye on the U-Haul behind me. I was caught in a moment while listening to "4 White Stallions" from the live in New Amsterdam album and suddenly I was 17 again driving down k-4 highway to my senior year of high school while I was conducting a brief relationship with a certified bad boy...I remember when I decided to stop seeing him I wrote myself a post-it note (prior to the infamous plot device used on Sex & the City, maybe I should get royalties) with several reasons why I shouldn't be with him. Apparently I needed the note to remind myself, I've since lost the note, forgotten the reasons and softened my opinion of the afforementioned boy. He used to live the opposite direction from school and used to make this straight-a goody-two-shoes want to turn left just for the day instead of pulling into the parking lot.

Luckily I pulled into the parking lot a lot more often than not...but I still get the urge to turn left in my life at times (metaphorically speaking of course) and it makes me think of the post-it.

In non-metaphorical notes: We won't have cable til Saturday, so if I don't hear it on NPR or read it in the KC Star I am oblivious. Apparently there were tornados & storms at home last night...thinking of the middle of America.

Four White Stallions(Original by Patrick Winningham)
She had four white stallions coming around the bend
Four strong angels at her command descend
four more seasons for all that's broken to mend
I got four more reasons why Ican't go back there again
She had skin like a statue
milky white and pure
carved by an artistwho's hand is demure
Got a mind I like a saber razor sharp and sure
God how I hate myself
for still wanting her...
Damn these nights are dreaming..
Visions soft and sure
Cause I wake to find there'snothing left of me in her..
Nothing more than a heart still at war..
She had four white stallions coming around the bend..
Four strong angels already sinned
I got four good reasons for all that's broken to mend..
I got four more seasons for all that's broken to mend..
I got four more reasons why I cant go back there again..
I got four good reasons why I cant go back there again.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


"we don't have much room to live..." Something Corporate

finding myself exhausted after work. really should have taken a week off between jobs. weekends aren't enough, especially since we moved last weekend and this weekend i will be home for a funeral.

looking forward to a weekend spent in my pajamas and then shopping on the plaza. maybe next weekend? that seems like SO far away.

my job...hmmm...hopefully it's going to get a whole lot easier soon. my boss is my idol. seriously. she has great fashion sense and she's the site director at 39 years old...basically she rocks. enough about the grind.

going to bed early with a movie tonight...trying to squeeze all the quality i can in on my time away from work. we watched The Diving Bell & The Butterfly last night, it's nice. I am stir crazy to see a really good film....can't really remember the last one that I would count as 'great' , maybe Notes on a Scandal and Juno...otherwise nada.

Public declaration: Breann: i miss you.

Shameless plug: I am raising $$$$ for Big Brothers & Big Sisters and failing miserably...message me if you want to contribute (PLEASE)...

now that i have officially begged and grovelled...g'night. xoxox.

Monday, June 9, 2008

she wears a silly yellow hat, someone gave her when she stayed...

things aren't slowing down yet...
i will return to the blogosphere eventually
for now you get a busy signal and a picture of my niece Brielle on a spring day in Kansas and a lyric in the title courtesy of Adam Duritz of the Counting Crows

Friday, June 6, 2008


discombobulated....that really IS the way you spell it, hmm. Well I am (finally) triumphantly returning to the land of the internet and email. As an obsessive inbox checker going nearly a week without checking my inbox was enough to make me ache in strange places like my teeth and fingernails.

After a week at my new job and staying with my friend Em, we are finally moving in today! Actually we will check in and sign the lease today and then head back to Salina for the weekend to pack everything up and bring it East to Missouri. Can't wait to post pics of the new apartment, Keenan did a great job finding it. It is about a 5 minute walk from the Plaza and Westport and it's in a really safe and artsy neighborhood, plus it's very close to a grocery store and incidentally close to the church I may check out and attend! In fact I could walk to church.

My new job is so busy. They have me scheduled within an inch of my life. But I think in about a month it will calm down. My office, and this laptop, almost make up for the busy-ness. ;) My office has a wall of windows to the outside, plus a door, plus it has this great maple desk (although it may be cherry oak, or some other tree, my step dad hasn't seen it to confirm what kind of wood it is exactly)...and it's painted light blue. Can't wait to actually use an hour or two to get it the way that I want it.

I don't really feel like I am a drama therapist yet...but that is coming soon, my head is overflowing with ideas that I write down everywhere ( on the back of my hand sometimes, or on napkins and a googleplex of post-it notes).

Keenan had a call-back audition last night at the Coterie, which is at Crown Center. And has some other call-backs coming up too. Since my job is so busy he's been the organizer, setting up utilities and making calls and appointments. (God Bless him) After I get off work I've been driving to see him (KC, MO) then driving back to Em's (KS). At least gas is cheaper in Missouri than in Salina, but still hate driving this much...but that ends today.

Plus my horoscope says that I am going to have a dynamic day today, so I am riding on that as I don't seem to have much energy left.

Happy discoveries about city living....
1. many radio stations
2. thick newspaper
3. there is always a special somewhere, and i love sales.
4. walking, I am in love with walking...

If you haven't heard from me, which you most likely haven't, please know that I'm thinking of you and missing my time I used to spend checking in with you....and I will be back soon, as soon as at least 1/2 of the sea of boxes is unpacked and my apartment resembles some semblance of a home. xoxo.