Sunday, June 29, 2008

lazy days

last june post...where has this year gone?

i am not sure how it started but keenan and i are suddenly obsessed with jon & kate +8 in fact we spent most of the day laying around on the new covers watching the jon & kate marathon. i love watching it with him because we laugh at completely different parts, and whenever jon & kate disagree we totally take opposite sides.

had a pretty lazy weekend over all...

Had to fire someone on Friday, it's definitely one of the worst parts about being the boss.

Friday, went to Archivers for the first time...not impressed, Tally is a way better place to shop! they didn't have either of my fave paper lines and what they did have of some of my faves is outdated...then I went to the Power & Light District w/ McKay, Price & Olivia (Keenan decided he should stay home and eat brownies and play video games)...

Saturday: went to McCoy's for dinner w/ McKay and Keenan and then to Bar Natasha for the 11:30 cabaret show. Natasha is one of my fave places, all the actors work there and sing and dance, it's fabulous!

Sunday: Hoping to go to a matinee show today but instead we watched TLC all day and got groceries and Sunfresh, used my new fabric bags though, so that felt good. Missed church as I am still a little wary of if the one in my neighborhood is ok or not, need to talk to my uncle to find out the scoop.

Not sure yet what we are doing for the 4th but I am pushing hard for the fireworks show at the Royals game. I'd love to go to the K for the 4th...but we haven't decided anything yet. Also hoping to see a show on Thursday night since we don't work on Friday! Pretty sure we are headed to see a friend's show on Saturday as well and may catch Olivia's show on Sunday. That would be a theatre-weekend for sure.

Now that I have rambled on, I think I will try to sleep. g'night.

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Ashley said...

oh my goodness! I loooove Jon & Kate Plus 8. Those kids are the cutest things ever. I am obsessed with Aeden. So darn precious!