Sunday, June 22, 2008

if they hate, then let 'em hate; and watch the $$ pile up...

us at the K cheering on the Boys in Blue to a win over the SF Giants
i call this one "Bobble? Yes!" Mike and Keenan w/ their Alex Gordon Bobbleheads

us at Othello in the park

"time spent worrying what others think of her: zero"

what a lovely weekend. friday was a long day in adjusting-to-new-job land so spending a little time with Keenan & my friends was definitely in order.

Mike, Price and Keenan and I went to Othello in the was most perfect, and then like theatre people do we had a post-mortem. If you aren't in the theatre world this is where you do an autopsy of the show you just saw, cutting out each part, weighing it, documenting it and comparing it to other things you've witnessed in the past and hope to witness in the future. I'd say Iago held up in the post-mortem...but all else was, well eclipsed by the perfect weather and lovely scenery (scenic design credit: God). Afterwards we met up at P Ott's for more post-mortem w/ more theatre people and one fantastic nurse. (love).

Saturday was Alex Gordon bobblehead night at The K, so we headed out to watch the Boys in Blue and to hope for a win. We got our wish...Gil Meche pitched a great game and Soria came in to close and swiftly end the game. Royals win against the Giants and 20, 000 mini-Alex Gordon's enjoy a good show. I ran into my step-sisters during tailgating so it was nice to catch up with the girls too. Afterwards we headed to the Point, where we mostly drank water, ordered Jimmy John's and chatted outside...again weather is perfect here-- cool breezy night...

Today I really should be working incessantly to try to make my next week a little more seamless. But I know it will be chaotic any way I work it so I am not so motivated right now. I made blueberry pancakes and scrambled eggs for brunch and now we must go to Sunfresh or else we will be having Diet Dr. Pepper, 2 low fat poptarts and garlic salt for dinner.

Here are a couple of my latest layouts, trying out for the Tallyscrapper Design Team again. I have my fingers crossed because once Keenan starts shows I will be home alone at night A LOT which I'd love to have something for *me* during that time.

I am already looking forward to next weekend...we are hitting up Mike's gf's show: Desdemona, A Play about a Hankerchief by Paula Vogel (she also wrote an amazing Pulitzer Prize winner: How I Learned to Drive)...This play (des) is Othello from a feminist perspective...I can't wait, whenever theatre and feminism dance together I will not miss it...

Added Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (even though I constantly reverse the title in conversation) by Jonathan Safran Foer to my top 5 books...I absolutely loved it. So now I am off and running on Everything is Illuminated which is actually his first book. I love his style and wish that he would lock himself in his apartment and write day and night forever.

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mindakims said...

I love my life and I love where I am at, but at times, I wish I was you for just a little bit. Your writing inspires me to it!

Good luck with DT girly!