Tuesday, June 24, 2008

two (zoo): frogs

this is day two of my plaguing headache...thus the title...even with a raging headache i can remember my plagues of egypt per years of vacation Bible school and church camp. that's because teaching in a different way works...here's how I learned the ten plagues of Egypt...in case you're interested.

say them out loud with me...

one (run): blood
two (zoo): frogs
three (tree): lice
four (door):frogs
five (hide): the cattle died
six (sick): boils
seven (heaven): hail
eight: (gate): locusts
nine: (night): darkness
ten: death of the first born

yep there's no rhyme for ten...but after you have the 9 down you should be able to remember that tenth one-- cake.

i am hoping by blogging these they will now leave my head for awhile, I am not sure why I am incessantly reciting them in my pounding head as I lay here in the dark and quiet...maybe because I am hoping for a little nine night darkness and am feeling pretty six sick boils...

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