Wednesday, August 31, 2011

these are the people in your neighborhood...

So I am cleaning off my favorites bar on my laptop today and I find these two DIY's from the internet neighborhood that I have had flagged for a while...

I never knew you could DIY your own subway art but I thought Keenan would like something like this since he used to live in NYC.  



This would be a cute little project to do with Sloane's next room.  They are meant for valentine's crafts but I think the book pages would be sweet for a children's reading nook (like Clara's awesome one on YHL)

If someone can entertain this chunky monster, I will get right to DIY'ing

title courtesy of Sesame Street (and thus courtesy of Sloane-- it's her jam at the moment)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

and it fit me like a glove

I had a dream last night that I wore a green wedding dress. It was strikingly similar to Kiera Knightley's emerald dress in Atonement.  I of course wore it in a size other than Kiera's size 2.  Green is my favorite color.


lyrics courtesy of the butthole surfers: whatever (soundtrack to my high school years: baz luhrman's romeo and juliet)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

as you sleep: Sloane's nursery tour

Dear Sloane,

It's hard to say good bye to the nursery we brought you home to...I've wanted to post about all the little things in your room for a long time now.  Lucky me, Jenna took photos of some of the little details when she was over for your 6 month photos.  I spent a lot of time before you were born trying to make every detail lovely for you and to make it affordable.  I am happy about how it turned out.  I hope when you look back at the photos you are too.

Grandpa G. & Gigi bought you this shelf, I DIY'd the bird house and the two birds are Christmas ornaments from Target

etsy find, target frame

Target find DIY'd crib

I DIY'd the flowers and picket fence, my friend Kate made the big-eyed owl peeking at you

lovely piece aquired through a trade, available on etsy

Target dollhouse bookcase, vintage & new blocks

hello birdie

miss s has many books

vintage golden book and mellisa & doug pull toy

revamped Craigslist dresser w/ paint, poly and new hardware- favorite piece in my home
thirft store bunny, DIY'd owl, vintage brush, Target basket, gifted turtle, DIY'd thrift store monogram

a bed by the window, night stand from a tag sale- 5 dollars plus an anthropologie knob

we vascillate between yellow, pink and white sheets

Lots of good sleeping happened in this space
photo by Bret Palmer
beautiful shaggy rug from a yard sale for 10$

We were so blessed with friends who gave, scoured Craigslist for us and helped us renovate furniture that we only spent 5$ on nursery furniture.  Seriously.  We were gifted everything else.  The rug was 10$ The art was 20$. Frames were 60$. DIY'd knick knacks and monogram 55$...grand total money spent 150$.  Grand total of time spent: priceless.

close your eyes, and i will be swimming
lullabys fill your room,
and i will be singing singing to only you
dont forget ill hold your head
watch the night sky fading red
but as you sleep, and no one is listening
i will lift you off your feet, ill keep you from sinking
don't you wake up yet

-something corporate, as you sleep

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

the speaker in this door is blown, so nothing sounds quite right

And I will leave under the cover
Of summer's kiss upon the sky
Like the stone face of your lover
Just before she says goodbye
I was certain that the season could be held between my arms
Well just as summer's hold is fleeting
I was here but now I'm gone...
I'm gone... I'm gone, I'm gone
I'm gone...
-dashboard confessional: so long, so long

Things we will miss---my thrift shops, concerts, the Royals, my clients, the night life, theatre in the park, the unicorn theatre, blanc burgers & bottles, my coworkers, the food

Also these people, in no particular order  in the order that these photos are stored on my computer...

josephine <3

McKay (can I still call you that now that you're married)

the plaza ( + these two)

1/2 the snob mob gathers in KC often (Em & Matt not pictured)

the night life and it's attire

lawrence is so close

we will still love the Royals from afar, although T-shirt Tuesdays may be hard to manage

we love you theatre in the park, we love you we love you

Kate & her husband (pictured) moved here we will miss having them as neighbors

my bestie only lives 45 minutes away from KC

Keenan's brother just moved back to KC as we are moving away

our lawrence friends the Rawls

haircuts & color from Shawn

Sloane's bestie Quinn

Dear Kansas City,

Thanks for a great 3 years and 4 months.  We have had 2 apartments and 1 little house.  3 jobs and lots of theatre between the both of us.  We've gathered here for barbeques, music, parites, weddings and babies (including our own!).  We've spent lots of money here and made even more memories.   We moved here on a hot Memorial Weekend with a little Uhaul and thanks to your wonderful thirft stores, stores and yard sales we will be leaving in a large Uhaul on Labor Day weekend.  Although we hate to leave you it is time for us to start the next chapter of our lives as a family.

Also a special shout out to Shawnee Mission Medical center for delivering the best gift we have in our lives and the nurses and doctors for keeping her safe until we could take her home with us. 

We love you!

So long,
Shan, Keenan & Sloane

lyrics courtesy of dashboard confessional's penultimate goodbye song: so long, so long

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Don't blink. Just like that you're six years old...

brielle's first day of school
It's my niece's first day of Kindergarten.  I can remember her tight little fists balled up by her face the first time I held her almost 6 years ago.  She's so excited to start school.  Such a big kid! Just love getting to see the person she's becoming. 

title courtesy of Kenny Chesney: Don't Blink

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

here's wishing you the bluest skies.

I've had a little creative time lately and am trying to savor it because I don't know when I will get any for awhile because we are moving!  YAY.  The job that I mentioned in my previous post called me and offered me a position. 

We love Kansas City (and will miss the people here & close by more than anything) but are ready to make the jump into a different life for our family.  Thank you all for your positive vibes, words and encouragement.  I have no doubt that you made a difference in the situation.  I will be working for about a year and hope to launch my own business (a creative arts centered childcare center--complete with a drama therapist: me) next year. 

It's time to write our goodbye letter to Kansas City, we are about to start a new chapter!

for the baby book
the chorus of one of Sloane's favorite songs

the sticker is from packaging from old navy
it immediately made me think of bre

my nephew Tiernan @ 2...doll face.
title courtesy of Dar Williams: Better Things