Tuesday, April 12, 2011

and then I think about my fear of motion which I never could explain

new art for the nursery acquired by goods/services trade (so hippie of us). So excited to hang it on Sloane's wall. It's so fitting as she just LOVES to hear "You are my sunshine" right now. I just love Amy's work, and the best part is that she is a sweetheart too.

We set a wedding date. We chose 4/27/12. I kind of wanted 4/9, it was my grandparents anniversary, they were married 60 years when my grandfather died last august. But it was on a Sunday in 2012 and since a lot of people (all K's fam) will be coming from out of town I didn't want to have a Sunday affair. So 27 was the next best because 2+7=9. (My step-brother mathmagical teacher Chance would be so proud of my numeric notions).

I read an article in this month's Real Simple (thanks to my 1$ off coupon) on how to stop procrastinating. They have printed it online. It's worth a look-see. I have been making myself do at least one thing off of my list of "things I have to do but don't want to" each day. The wedding date wasn't on that list but it might have seemed to be as long as it took us to hammer it down. Today I apply for new (hopefully cheaper) insurance for baby and finish up my state taxes (I know procrastination at its finest).

All this talk about things I don't want to do makes me want to talk about the things I do love to do. List #23 prompt.

guilty pleasures...ahhh

amy winehouse: rehab
insync: bye bye bye
ceelo green: forget you (although I prefer the radio edit)
petula clark: downtown
justin beiber: baby

girl scout carmel delight/samoa cookies
sour gummy worms
chips & salsa (copius amounts)
margaritas (with chips & salsa)
imported chocolate (especially swiss)
cherry coke

thrift store shopping
reality tv
yard saling
blog reading
beverly hills 90210 (the original)
the skulls (ah joshua jackson)
alfie or the holiday (ah jude law)
elizabethtown (ah kirsten dunst falling in love with orlando bloom)

title courtesy of the Indigo Girls: Galileo

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Ashley said...

4/27 - got it.
& I love Amy! :)