Monday, July 30, 2012

You finally took my hand, it took a nip of gin

I found this little guy at my local Goodwill for .49...but I knew he had the potential to become a lovely cake stand.  For the reception I am hoping to have a fabulous dessert table full of vintage and vintage-inspired serving dishes filled with family favorites.   This isn't my first rodeo  DIY-cake plate.  They are so easy.  I sanded and spray primed and used some heavy duty glue and viola!
finished product, ready to hold delicious desserts
Another recent decision concerning the reception was barware.  Although I live in Kansas, and my reception is in a tent, I didn't want the environment of my sixties inspired soiree being corrupted by the "red solo cup".  For one, red is not in the color palate and two I am not a Toby Keith fan.  Therefore, I used some time to online price plastic barware and realized using real glasses would be more cost effective and that they could be kept, gifted or resold.  Then the great glassware hunt began.  I found these two gems. 

Vintage lowball glasses with a strange character, (anyone know who?)
these will definitely stay in our family bar cabinet --.29 each

I couldn't resist stopping at a few yard sales this weekend and found 3 pairs of shoes for Sloane.  Those gold Trumpette mocs are my favorites (they retail for 26$).  Total cost- 2.00 for the lot of these. Her feet grew recently so I was happy to add a few choices to her shoe supply.   

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

They chalk it up to my anger, / And never to their own fear.

I picked up a couple of things at the thrift store recently that I will be using for chalkboards at the wedding. All of these were possible with a lot of masking tape and Krylon chalkboard spray paint. 

I got two of these for .49 each

These frames made perfect chalkboards!
I had seen vintage suitcases used for all sorts of things on Pinterest for weddings recently, but I thought why not tear our the lining and make a chalkboard in there as well?

going somewhere?

isn't she divine?  this will house the wedding programs...after: chalkboard vintage suitcase
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Monday, July 23, 2012

And washed it away down the kitchen sink

Sigh, I have such plans for these two... 
I would have bought them while thrifting, but I scored them while just driving by the old houses downtown in my city.

They are renovating an old house and there was a pile of wood at the curb. I spied these brightly colored vintage kitchen drawers and just had to make a (legal) U-turn. I wanted to dig through the pile a little more, but Sloaney was watching from the backseat so I was a little hurried in my choices, but I still feel that I got the two loveliest. I have cleaned them up and am just trying to narrow down the perfect project for them. I think they will be used as serving trays at the reception and then I will re-purpose them for home use as well.

price tag:  FREE (plus the nerve to scour through a pile of junk on the curb of someones lawn)

Here's a look inside my head to see what may be next for these finds...




The possibilities are so exciting! 

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for you I would have done whatever....

Dear Sloane,

You are 19 months old this month.  July has been a whirlwind of talking, mimicking and trying to beat the heat, with water!

I am so happy that you do not have a fear of water.  I cannot swim, and am pretty afraid of water but have been working extra hard since you were little to help foster your own relationship with water.  I want you to have all the things I feared as a girl (going to a pool party, hanging out at the lake, going on a boat etc).  

On the 4th we spent some time with your cousins in the pool and your aunt Pesha took the lead helping you to learn to love the water and try new things.  Everything that she had you try you loved.  You didn't care if someone splashed your face or if you swallowed water.  This joy that I see in you makes me feel so happy.  It even makes me want to push myself to actually like the water more for myself. 

When you want to play in the water you say "fash fash" (splash splash) and someone usually is able to accomodate your request, either at the splash park, in grandma's back yard, in the bathtub or at uncle Chance and aunt Pesha's pool.  It's been a great way for us to beat the heat and still get you outside (like you love). 

You say lots of names now too...most notably you have quit calling aunt Tay "momma" and "taymom" you now love to call out "TAY!"  for your favorite playmate. 

You also say "Mayee" (Maddy) "Hiee" (Heidi) "T" (Tiernan) "Bee" (Brielle) "Pawpaw" (Grandpa) "G" (Gigi).   Your favorite person to talk about these days is Daddy.  "Dahee"  You always want to know where he is and when he is coming back.  You are turning into Daddy's girl for sure. 

You weren't much for fireworks
You are also still stubborn, strong willed and precocious.  Sometimes I see flashes of the young person you will become.  I was grabbing a coffee before work last week and I drove through McDonalds and when the lady asked if a coffee was all you answered back from your car seat "Fies!" (french fries)...alas it was 9am fries were not in the plan but the lady at the drive through and I had a good laugh.

After Bible class a couple of weeks ago you had a hard time when I left you.  You cried and cried and gagged yourself which upset the other kids so they now have you sit a few chairs down from the others (this broke Mommy's heart).  I had been working so hard with you to prepare you for class.  But this day you just didn't want mama to go.  After we got home from church Daddy asked you about class asking if you were good or not.  You ignored his question.  When I asked you "what did you do in class?" you quickly retorted "I dunno?".  We all laughed at your spitfire answer but that was the last flash I need for the teenage years for awhile.

Another teenage tendency you've picked up lately is your love for Justin Bieber.  You sing Baby and request it vigorously of anyone who has it on an Ipad, computer or the car radio.  It takes exactly 4 rounds of Baby to get from grammy's to our house daily, so I am a little concerned of how many choruses of Baby we will listen to on our way to Winter Park next month.  I can't help that watching you dance in your car seat and sing "oh oh oh oh oh oh oh" "bebee" "be mine" is a little too cute to quell (for now).

 title courtesy of who else, Mr. Bieber and his mega hit Baby

Monday, July 2, 2012

sit down and write me a letter

Between yard sales and thrifting recently I've added a few new pieces to my growing collection of milk glass, and I picked up a little sugar bowl for the reception dessert table. 

The compote dish with the flowers is my favorite.  Each of the pieces were three dollars, with the exception of the pitcher, which I found for a dollar. 

I am already loving this one to store my washi tape

I have an idea for these for the reception/dance the titles that I scored

I also got the invitations ordered for the wedding. This is the photo of the listing on Etsy...however I made quite a few customizations. Can't wait to see the proof!

title courtesy of Ryan Adams: The sun also sets

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