Monday, July 23, 2012

And washed it away down the kitchen sink

Sigh, I have such plans for these two... 
I would have bought them while thrifting, but I scored them while just driving by the old houses downtown in my city.

They are renovating an old house and there was a pile of wood at the curb. I spied these brightly colored vintage kitchen drawers and just had to make a (legal) U-turn. I wanted to dig through the pile a little more, but Sloaney was watching from the backseat so I was a little hurried in my choices, but I still feel that I got the two loveliest. I have cleaned them up and am just trying to narrow down the perfect project for them. I think they will be used as serving trays at the reception and then I will re-purpose them for home use as well.

price tag:  FREE (plus the nerve to scour through a pile of junk on the curb of someones lawn)

Here's a look inside my head to see what may be next for these finds...




The possibilities are so exciting! 

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Ashley H said...

Great ideas! I've not seen ideas using drawers before. Really cool!

Zara said...

Wow there are so many possibilities to repurpose drawers. Love all the ones you've shown. x