Saturday, January 15, 2011

if you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it...

I suppose this could have two titles either: "adventures in breastfeeding" or "there is progress on the nursery, what?!"...

First lactating then art...

Of course I was going to breastfeed my child. A woman who is interested in a natural delivery is of course going to breastfeed her child, and I am. I am doing it. (Sometimes I need a reminder that I am actually successful as most days I am completely miserable).

I have had a rough go of it. I did a lot of research (in true Shan fashion) and asked for a lot of help. I got a very wonderful Medela pump (this is the Cadillac of pumps apparently) from my friend Brandy. I had help from the lactation specialists while Sloane was in NICU (probably part of the 20 thousand dollars billed to me today--that's just for the NICU, not the labor/delivery/obstetrics/pharmacy-thank-god I don't have to pay an anesthesiologist-too-crazy-expensive to have a baby).

I read only the best books about it i.e.: The American Pediatrics Guide to Breastfeeding and used Kellymom as my online granola source for crunchiness. My book briefly glossed over things like "discomfort, pain, and problems that may (but probably won't, please don't use formula) arise".

The thing is problems did arise. Ten fold. To the tune of having to be on pain killers and OTC pain relief and millions of online searches and a couple of doctors visits. The thing about feeding issues, which seems counterintuitive is that the solution is always: nurse MORE. Seriously?!

It's an ever present concern. The baby has to eat. The baby has to eat a ridiculous 12 times a day. 12 times a day to be in pain. Believe me the 2 hours between feedings are the shortest time spans ever. It's not that there is anything wrong w/ formula: I was formula-fed.

Here's the thing. I cannot quit. I won't quit. Breast milk is the equivalent of liquid gold. (If you don't believe me google all the shiz it can cure-- seriously, weird). If you still don't believe me "accidentally" spill any mom's supply of breast milk. She will want to spill your blood, I guarantee you. Preemies need the liquid gold a lot. So I am going to tough it out. It will be the other thing (besides the drug-free delivery) that I can hold over my daughter's head when she is a sassy 16 year old. "I breastfed you in pain 12 times a day everyday for (x amount of time) roll your eyes at me again and I will roll your head on the floor."

In the meantime, or until she turns 16, I am extremely thankful when my friends visit and make the feedings go faster by distracting me with talk of gossip and oscar-worthy movies. Kate, you made my day today!

Now onto prettier things. I finally ordered some art via Etsy for the nursery and I totally love it.

also, in other news, after 4 years of courtship and the birth of our child, Keenan decided Christmas morning was the perfect time to pop the proverbial question. I said yes and gladly wear this little number and am proud to report I don't have to relate to "All the Single Ladies" anymore.

title courtesy of the aforementioned tune by Beyonce


Ashley said...

You are my mother! My mom always says, "I carried you for 9 months!" You will not XXX (get a tattoo, marry that boy, speak to me that way, etc).

Sad that you no longer relate to the single ladies but pretty ring!

Sarah said...

Shan, I love you! You are awesome, and I love that you are already prepared for Sloane's eye rolling days! Best wishes to you on the forthcoming nuptials! I am so excited for you!

Chris said...

Ah, breastfeeding. I feel like I could write a novel about all of the emotions that I've dealt with around this. Sorry to hear that you're in pain. Hopefully everything will get cleared up soon. We never did get breastfeeding figured out, so now I'm an exclusive pumper. Blech. I have a love-hate relationship with my pumps. And yes, that was plural on purpose. I have a Freestyle and I also rent a Symphony. They both have their pros and cons. Good luck!