Tuesday, January 25, 2011

then you better start swimmin' or you'll sink like a stone

3 weeks of maternity leave remain and it seems that I may have found the secret a little too late. Mommy has Zoloft & baby has Zantac.

It is difficult to recognize a problem in yourself, even if you are in the mental health field. I kept thinking I didn't have post partum depression because I don't have thoughts of suicide or hurting the baby...however I have wicked insomnia where I obsess and do a lot of one-handed-googling-webmd-ing, reading and re-reading of the Mother of all Baby Book , digging through the literature the pediatrician gave me and reading every post on the Le Leche League forums. I am also just numb, a zombie-mommy. I admitted all of this at my 6 week appointment. And then my ob-gyn wrote me a prescription and reminded my once logical mind that PPD can manifest itself as crying and tearfulness or crippling anxiety. Enter Zoloft.

It is also difficult to recognize reflux in your baby when they do not spit up. Sloane has only spit up about 5 times in as many weeks, but she screams through feedings, arches her back & fusses thru feeding and refuses to sleep unless being held upright, or in her car seat. Thank God my sister is nearly a RN. Tearful call to the pediatrician. Enter Zantac.

At least maybe we can begin to enjoy these last three weeks. Now back to my self-imposed computer moratorium.

title courtesy of Bob Dylan: The Times They are a-changing


Lisa G said...

love you. glad you are both doing better.

Ashley said...

I think I need Zoloft.

Mellissa Rudder, MT, Director, Logophile said...

Some handy-dandy acupressure . . .




Ren 12's location isn't quite so clear in that description . . . go to the midline of her body and feel about halfway between her belly button and the highest point of her ribs



I know she's tiny . . . so just focus more on massaging those areas with your hand on a regular basis any time of the day or night. It will help in the long run.