Friday, December 31, 2010

So then I took my turn...

So, every year since I can remember I have journaled (usually on paper) about the best and the worst of each year...I thought a few years ago I would start doing a lighter version on my blog. So here's my verdict for my iniation into my 30's. And I included the year before for reference.

I realized when trying to do my regualar list that I spent (may-december of 2010 preggers, which meant that I ate-slept-breathed getting ready to be a mommy, so I had nothing to say on the old topics, so my 2010 list is going to be a little different, admittedly I was a little uterus-absorbed in 2010, who knows was 2011 will bring).

2010 broke my heart, over and over. While I was pregnant I attended 4 funerals and was too pregnant to make it to a 5th. And then 14 days into the last month of the year in a scary fashion my little girl was born and it made me believe that a year could be redeemed in the last moment. Her birth was the hail-mary pass that actually worked. Endzone dance. 2010 you win.

Reading:All things about pregnancy (except "What to Expect", I wouldn't want to be a cliche -- actually I am just overwhelmed by lots of information at once) all things about natural birth and now all things about figuring out what the heck to do with this little neonate. I also sneaked in some celebrity tabloid mags just to see what the Kardashians were wearing and to see if Ali would pick Roberto or Chris.

Listening to:The heartbeat setting on Sloane's white noise machine. Also the Counting Crows, however I fear they will throw me into full-swing post-partum depression.

Thinking: things that rocked my world (in a loosely time-specific order & completely honest fashion): I'm pregnant?! I'm pregnant yay! I'm pregnant ugh. I'm a mother? I'm a mother. What the eff. I'm somebody's mother. And that being said, I have to go feed her, blogging rather than breastfeeding is probably a little selfish. I'm newly someone's fiance too, but that doesn't terrify me or cause night sweats the way being a mother does.

Desperately Wanting (all that stuff I had to have): I had to have all things baby, of course, especially a well-stocked library. Now she has so much gear I am not sure where to put it all. I wanted more time with my loved ones too--but there really is never enough time.

Watching on the small screen:
In Treatment * House, MD * LOST (it's over?!) *Scrubs (a late night maternity leave staple)*BH90210 (thank you God for the Soap Network)* Guiding Light (RIP) * Survivor * Big Brother * Medium * The Office *

Loving on the big screen: I loved Inception tons and tons. I didn't make it to a lot of films this year by the time the good ones came out Sloane was here, and I am not one of those annoying people who bring their newborn to a sacred spot like a THEATRE where silence is golden!

Last year's review:


Best book: The History of Love by Nicole Krauss (lovely wife of winner of my best book last year, Jonathan Safran Foer)

Best movie-drama: Brothers

Best movie-comedy: Julie & Julia (I don't think it was billed as a comedy, but I thought it was hilarious at times)

Best performance (onscreen): Colin Firth, A Single Man

Best play: My First Time, Unicorn Theatre (I need to see more plays that aren't starring my personal leading man)

Best musical: Into the Woods (KC Rep Theatre)

Best live musical performance: Martin Sexton, Crosstown Station, Kansas City

Best day: My 29th birthday definitely is near the top of the list

Best gift: My new digital camera (thanks Dad)

Best new recipe: Chicken/Broccoli/BrownRice skillet

Best new gadget: my scanner for scrapbooking

Best thing to watch on TV: LOST & House (three year favorites and running)

Best new show on TV: Flash Forward

Best vacation: NYC (although it was the only vaction I went on this year, strange how I never go to the airport anymore since Keenan's tour is over)

Best babies: It's a tie...but here they are in birth order: Reese Quinn & Hannah Thiel (last year was the year of the boy, this year brought the gals!)
Have a happy & healthy 2010!

title courtesy of Coldplay: Yellow

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I'm glad to know that you respect the silence of the theater!!!