Monday, December 6, 2010

She memorized every pencil color crayon in the box, her blue green eyes compliment the burnt-sienna in her locks

So there I was plodding along through the third trimester making cute little lists and doing about a quarter task a day when I went to the doctor last Thursday at merely 33 weeks of the 40-ish week journey.

She says I am going to check you...(insert awkward silence). She checks me and then, the number one sweetest thing about my doctor ever (maybe they all do this, but when mine does it I warm on the inside) she extends her hand to me to help me to sit up from my lying down position. As I sat up she says "Wow!, baby is head down and ....blah blah blah (details I promised as a non-pregnant person I would never allow in social media)." The gist of this baby is making her way quickly & she says she will try to stop labor if it happens before my next appointment (Dec 17th) but anytime after that is fine! My next appointment finds me at 36 weeks which means thundercats can be a go!

Of course as soon as I got home I made an exhaustive list of EVERYTHING I need to get going on (and fast). And before I got home I talked to my daughter. It went something like this..."I love to be early too, but could you at least wait until my mom gets back from Hawaii? And if you are still cozy after that consider waiting until after Christmas. I would hate for you to grow up pissed that your birthday is overshadowed every year by our biggest national holiday." And then I promised her she could listen to the Justin Bieber song "baby" (which makes her dance like no tomorrow) everyday at least twice on our commute. I have held up my part of the bargain (and she has too) so far.

It's not like I am not extremely uncomfortable and totally sick of myself. I am. My nighttime routine includes too many high-maitenance items to list (but here are a few: no less than 9 pillows to build a fortress around my whole preggers body & keep me at a 85 degree angle, breathe right nosestrips, water bottles, tums, chapstick, remote control, box of kleenex, etc etc etc ad frigging nauseum).

But...I feel like she can't come, at least until my nursery looks like something featured on Apartment Therapy :Ohdeedoh and until my health insurance is figured out (yay for my company switching insurance carriers in December!)

Until then stay put little lima bean. (Also I have been promised a chocolate fountain at my baby shower on Saturday, I'd like to not be in labor so I can enjoy that to the fullest).

Speaking of showers the lucky lima bean scored more swag this weekend, including a totally frivolous (but completely gorgeous) Vera Bradley baby bag. But my favorite thing to date was the guest book that my bff made, people wrote notes to me and lima and they are seriously the sweetest notes ever, can't wait for her to be old enough to appreciate how much people loved her even when she was a mere fetus. I am overwhelmed by people's sweetness and generosity.

From today's installment of the To-Do list...I will try to figure out my health insurance, get the paper to line the dresser drawers, and buy stamps for the thank you notes and holiday cards. Anything else I get done is a bonus!

title courtesy of the barenaked ladies: life in a nutshell


Lisa G said...

Stay in here, lima! We can't wait to meet you, but we can wait a while longer.

Happy Holidays, Shan and lots of love to you.

Ashley said...

You're going to Hawaii?!