Saturday, August 27, 2011

as you sleep: Sloane's nursery tour

Dear Sloane,

It's hard to say good bye to the nursery we brought you home to...I've wanted to post about all the little things in your room for a long time now.  Lucky me, Jenna took photos of some of the little details when she was over for your 6 month photos.  I spent a lot of time before you were born trying to make every detail lovely for you and to make it affordable.  I am happy about how it turned out.  I hope when you look back at the photos you are too.

Grandpa G. & Gigi bought you this shelf, I DIY'd the bird house and the two birds are Christmas ornaments from Target

etsy find, target frame

Target find DIY'd crib

I DIY'd the flowers and picket fence, my friend Kate made the big-eyed owl peeking at you

lovely piece aquired through a trade, available on etsy

Target dollhouse bookcase, vintage & new blocks

hello birdie

miss s has many books

vintage golden book and mellisa & doug pull toy

revamped Craigslist dresser w/ paint, poly and new hardware- favorite piece in my home
thirft store bunny, DIY'd owl, vintage brush, Target basket, gifted turtle, DIY'd thrift store monogram

a bed by the window, night stand from a tag sale- 5 dollars plus an anthropologie knob

we vascillate between yellow, pink and white sheets

Lots of good sleeping happened in this space
photo by Bret Palmer
beautiful shaggy rug from a yard sale for 10$

We were so blessed with friends who gave, scoured Craigslist for us and helped us renovate furniture that we only spent 5$ on nursery furniture.  Seriously.  We were gifted everything else.  The rug was 10$ The art was 20$. Frames were 60$. DIY'd knick knacks and monogram 55$...grand total money spent 150$.  Grand total of time spent: priceless.

close your eyes, and i will be swimming
lullabys fill your room,
and i will be singing singing to only you
dont forget ill hold your head
watch the night sky fading red
but as you sleep, and no one is listening
i will lift you off your feet, ill keep you from sinking
don't you wake up yet

-something corporate, as you sleep

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Ashley said...

Sooo sweet :) Great finds!