Wednesday, August 31, 2011

these are the people in your neighborhood...

So I am cleaning off my favorites bar on my laptop today and I find these two DIY's from the internet neighborhood that I have had flagged for a while...

I never knew you could DIY your own subway art but I thought Keenan would like something like this since he used to live in NYC.  



This would be a cute little project to do with Sloane's next room.  They are meant for valentine's crafts but I think the book pages would be sweet for a children's reading nook (like Clara's awesome one on YHL)

If someone can entertain this chunky monster, I will get right to DIY'ing

title courtesy of Sesame Street (and thus courtesy of Sloane-- it's her jam at the moment)

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Ashley said...

I looove YHL. & I will, of course, entertain the chunky monster. We'll have a blast!