Thursday, September 1, 2011

pump the jam

adventures in lactation follow:

It's my last 2 days at my job, which fortunately last 2 days utilizing my pumping spot. It's been so nice that my employer has followed the federal law in providing me a place to take a break during the day to use my awesome "pump in style" (that's really the name of the ugly leather black can't make this stuff up! as if the bag style matters when you are sitting in the oh-so-sultry position of having your work clothes hiked up and 2 pumps attached to you praying someone respects the lock on the door) Medela.

style in a nutshell black bag

danger in the pump room, I told my work bestie that if I am electrocuted
while pumping to make me look to decent before allowing in one in to the room.

respect the signage

title courtesy of the 90's, I had to do it.

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mindakims said...

I sure hope your next employer does more than follow the letter of the law. That place is freaky!