Wednesday, June 11, 2008


"we don't have much room to live..." Something Corporate

finding myself exhausted after work. really should have taken a week off between jobs. weekends aren't enough, especially since we moved last weekend and this weekend i will be home for a funeral.

looking forward to a weekend spent in my pajamas and then shopping on the plaza. maybe next weekend? that seems like SO far away.

my job...hmmm...hopefully it's going to get a whole lot easier soon. my boss is my idol. seriously. she has great fashion sense and she's the site director at 39 years old...basically she rocks. enough about the grind.

going to bed early with a movie tonight...trying to squeeze all the quality i can in on my time away from work. we watched The Diving Bell & The Butterfly last night, it's nice. I am stir crazy to see a really good film....can't really remember the last one that I would count as 'great' , maybe Notes on a Scandal and Juno...otherwise nada.

Public declaration: Breann: i miss you.

Shameless plug: I am raising $$$$ for Big Brothers & Big Sisters and failing miserably...message me if you want to contribute (PLEASE)...

now that i have officially begged and grovelled...g'night. xoxox.

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