Tuesday, October 21, 2008


i hate it when i don't update forever. then i feel like i flood the blog with blah blah blah. maybe a bulleted list will help.

maybe i should revisit a game taught to me by my beloved mama hen...Sally. fortunately the neurologist went well...turns out my migraines are normal, unfortunately i am just unlucky. i know, right? Shouldn't have taken me a neurologist $$$ to figure that out.

fortunately i headed down to south carolina for a killer girl's weekend/scrapbooking extravaganza. unfortunately i was in the car (after the plane) for far too long, fortunately it was w/ 3 ladies whom i love.

don't ask...it was a long trip

fortunately i also finished about 9 pages, mostly in SC, for my album, unfortunately i do not have the energy to post them. (or this may be fortunate depending on how you feel about me, my scrapbooking, or scrapbooking in general).

fortunately keenan and i celebrated our "two-year anniversary" of sorts. we really don't know when we started being officially "together". we just know the first time we spoke. and we count that because it was the moment that made everything seem extremely complicated at that moment but really was the moment that everything became increasingly more simple. so here is our classy celebration. a kansas city tradition and champagne of course. even though we only drank a half a glass together. and the other bottle is being saved for something more momentous, or perhaps impulsive.

and now for a moment of pure nostalgia. this is basically an exact replica of my cabbage patch boy, adolphe sydney. interesting that is name was adolphe as he was born in 1985 and hitler was not immensely popular at that point. poor unfortunate adolphe sydney, born with such a burdensome name, although fortunately i am as proud as a mother could be to report he never became an egomaniacal genocidal maniac.


latte_grande said...

Wow, we DO look hot. Or drunk. Too bad we were road-tripping and can't use that as a believable excuse. I love that yours is blurry....seems to me that the details of a McDonald's restroom really should be obscured. :)

Happy anniversary!

Chris said...

How funny that you got your Cabbage twin. I've been searching for Eleanore's twin for a number of years now. I got excited thinking they might re-release her for the 25th anniversary, but no such luck. The only red heads with green eyes have a tooth and dimples on both cheeks. Eleanore only had one dimple and no teeth.

rachel whetzel said...

LOVE the mirror photo!! LOVE it.

Ashley said...

That pic makes me laugh. I miss you guys already!
We already knew Rachel would love that pic.

Webgrl said...

oh girl i'm SO HAPPY to hear that neurologically ur perfectly normal. Sorry about the migraines too. Have u tried alterna therapies like acupuncture/reflexology/yoga..maybe see a naturopath? I could ask my reflexologist for u if it might be worth a try and i think she will say yes but will still ask her. Dunno when next i'm seeing her but i'll let u kno when i do