Tuesday, June 22, 2010

here comes that feeling again.


Time for my annual love affair with a tennis tournament.. and after Venus looking completely silly at the french open...I say this was silly because you can claim "woman power" all you want, but this outfit was "sexy" as defined by the male-gaze.

I think Venus is sexy when she aces a serve going 128mph. Why can't a female athlete be sexy without resorting to nude-shorts and black lace lingerie? If she isn't prancing around in things like this she gets called "mannish". There is a problem with this, this is not the kind of thing I want my future child to witness. A woman can be sexy and shoot a heck of a 3-ball. She can be sexy and turn double plays and throw a fastball. She can be sexy and fight for a rebound.

Then there are those people who will argue that Venus' outfits are her art. Ok, I guess I don't have a counter-point.

Bring on Wimbledon, Venus you will look sexy, powerful and great in the strict-Brit-dress-code.
(Oh and Andy, so will you) Go USA Tennis!

title courtesy of Counting Crows from song of the same name

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