Tuesday, April 17, 2012

ceiling made of stars

She thinks he is THE best. 

I did this for a challenge on the blog Shimelle which I newly discovered through Ashley.  Really liking all of her current challenges but I have the WORST sinus infection-- lots of pain and dizziness, c'mon antibiotics.

So excited to get the disc of these pics sometime this week -- she was a little spitfire during the first hour of photos but Kristy was so patient and professional by the end of it I think she got a ton of good shots.  These are the first photos we've had done since six months old so we are thrilled to have some of her walking and standing tall  short.

Reading very carefully on her blanky square so as not to touch that prickly green stuff

Irises in the park
I am so excited to write her 16 month letter to her as well (16 mos on the 14th!), lots of new developments in her and my parenting style this month. 

Other than that we are finishing my sister's nursery-- can't wait for the etsy art to arrive and that will be the final touch!  Will post pics when we get those on the wall. The before and afters are astounding-- new flooring, new paint it looks perfect for the little guy.  C'mon nephew we are all ready!

title courtesy of Rosie Thomas: Farewell


Ashley H said...

Can't believe how old she's getting! Ahhh

Super cute layout - love that sweet picture. & I crack up of the picture of her reading the book on the grass. Her little legs crossed kills me!

Cynthia said...

Gorgeous layout! I so love the papers and the colors!!