Wednesday, December 19, 2012

put Sufjan Stevens on, and we'll play your favorite song

I have a short list of things I still need to get done before Christmas.  Unfortunately one thing is to ship.  Yikes!

I was scouring my craft supplies for something quick to make and noted that I own 3 sets of Scrabble.  I kept one in tact (otherwise I'd be deemed sacrilegious by my board game fanatic family) and attacked the letters in the two other sets.

I whipped up a set of these.

I have had them pinned for an eternity but I never got around to making them. Since finishing this set I decided to make a baseball themed set (bunt, runs, home, ball, foul, save, bomb, gone, game, outs, heat, balk etc) for my brother to accompany his Christmas gift basket (of spirits).  

So easy you barely need a tutorial.  


Scrabble tiles
Cork (self-adhesive or not)
Strong glue (like gorilla or E-6000)
Sealant (I used a Mod-Podge)
Exacto knife

So so easy to line these up, glue them, let them sit overnight, trim excess cork with an exacto knife and seal them with a thin layer of Mod Podge. 

They look pretty cute.  I had all the supplies on hand besides the cork which cost me about 5$ at Hobby Lobby.  So much thriftier than paying for them online and they look adorable bundled in baker's twine. 

I think I may be picking up orphan scrabble games at thrift stores and garage I need a tutorial on how to utilize excess game boards.

title courtesy of Snow Patrol (remember them?): Hands Open


Ashley H said...

how freakin' cute! I never saw this idea on Pinterest but I love it. I always look for Scrabble games & never seem to find them.

Emily said...

These look great. I like the different themed coasters. Thanks for sharing!