Friday, December 4, 2015

You can keep all the memories

I'm not listening to Adele, but Gwen, she's a different story.  Adele can keep her calling up so long after breaking his heart. Gwen saying this split wasn't the plan and writing "Used To Love You" that I can get on board with.  

Just wanted to check in because I'm still living and shit. 

Gwen Stefani who's performance will give you the feels Used To Love You for the title


Ashley H said...

I HATE that Adele song. It pisses me off. Like why would you call your ex, years after you've dumped him, to apologize? and isn't it a little pretentious to assume that he hasn't healed over time and he is still thinking about you and that he WANTS to meet and go over things?! Not to mention that before you call someone 1000 times, maybe you get the hint that he doesn't want to talk to you after like the 34th call? or the 68th call? He clearly doesn't need your apology.

But this:
You go, I'll stay
You can keep all the memories
I thought I was the best thing that ever happened to you
I thought you loved me the most

is the real shit. Because honestly you were the best thing that ever happened to him and now he has to live with what he lost.

Ashley H said...

Sorry, I think that hit a nerve.

Larry L said...

Very happy you're still living and shit. Adele and her moping ass needs to just go away. And as the above comment said... You were definitely the best thing that's ever happened to him. His loss, not yours. He missed out. You dodged a bullet.

Larry L said...
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