Friday, August 26, 2016

I pray the water wash away the memories and the cost

What happened? What happened was you can't heal a wound if you keep picking the scab off, and a watched pot never boils and all that stuff.

East Hampton, NY 
One day, the super great human being I am dating now found my blog. Because it isn't a secret and it's linked to my Goodreads. And he read a few of the posts, mostly about how brokenhearted I was without my exbf, and how in love with him I was. And I know that this was hurtful to my current bf, and when looking at it all together like that, it was quite a shrine and it was more than a little bit unrepresentative of my life as a whole.

I reverted it all to draft form. And he said, oh he'd just not read my blog, no problem I should have s pace to say whatever I want.

But I also was looking at those posts an awful lot more than I needed to and this place where I used to write everything became about one thing.

So I'm keeping it in draft for now.  And I'm going to write about other stuff. Because there's a lot of it. And I'll write about love again too, because I have stuff to say.
Me on a beach in August, 2016 

title is from God of Ocean Tides, Counting Crows (like I'd come back with any other band)


Ashley H said...

Love looks good on you.

Actually, you always look good.

Larry L said...

Welcome back, gorgeous. Now I need to get my butt in gear and update my blog.