Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I think it's time to catch up around here. Here's photodocumentation that I have in fact left my apartment in the last couple months...

price, shan, keenan, and mike enjoy miss missy higgins at the record bar

vanessa caught the tail end too...

i scored at an estate sale...all of this for about 10$ and the boots are Guess? and didn't appear to be worn...they are now though!

my sis and i at the royals for mom's birthday

us 3: tay, shan, matt

here's where i spend most of my waking hours

of course i have a crack-a-cola on my desk.

and recent endeavors in scrapbooking...

this was exactly one year ago, keenan got on a bus for NY and the "long distance" part of our relationship began.

Brielle is 3!

In other news, I have replaced my sparkplugs, a negative battery cable, front brake pads, and one tire within about 4 weeks and now there is something wrong with my power locks. I was also rear-ended at a red light. I am thinking my car hates me.

I don't have a picture, but the Twilight series has also deliciously, and ridiculously stolen many hours of my life lately. I am dragging through Breaking Dawn, only because I want to make it last, since it's the end...yes I am that pathetic.

My design team term is over soon on Tallyscrapper, while I am sad to see it over, I will enjoy a little time off-line occasionally.

Work is going well...I downloaded the application for registry to become a registered drama therapist...so I can be Shan, RDT. And suddenly I am remembering this video we watched in grad school about the nightmare of registry and it is becoming real. And I am setting up phone dates w/ my mama hen already and hoping for the best. I will send it in officially in March. I am hoping by starting now I can avoid the holiday doldrums, hey it might even snap me out of my personal doldrum.

Still cooking and baking to avoid stress. I am getting pretty good, and if my car continues to breakdown, I am sure I will get even better. Last night was garlic mashed potatoes, banana bread and lemon butter chicken. This weekend was baked rosemary chicken, mashed potatoes and fudge brownies. I think cupcakes are on the slate for this weekend, as well as chili (with ground turkey, of course) on Sunday. I am not sure about the rest of the week yet.

I am 2-0 in both my fantasy FB leagues and my Broncos are 2-0, so FB is so far, so good. Can't wait to see some in person.

And now that I have bored you to death, I am off, probably to bake or cook.


Heidi said...

Great update, Shan! I've enjoyed being on the DT w/ya at Tally...you are a great artist and I bet you're a great drama-therapist! Once upon a time I had "play therapist" on my business cards...

So...do you need my address to send some of your yummy upcoming cupcakes?! ;)

Sarah said...

Boredom was the last thing I experienced! I miss you. And I'm totally jealous of your cool office...I share an office with about 15 people and four community desks...I have a mailbox. That's where I keep my binders. And I have a bag. It stays under one of the desks. Um...so I'm shooting for March, too. It's crazy, huh? Realizing that it is so dang close.