Tuesday, February 17, 2009

bonus days

We have a treat over at Category Stories! Each month there will be 2 prompts. 2 chances to winthe monthly prize (this month's rocks and is from my favorite place) As a design team we are very exited! So get over there and link up your creations for either or both prompts this month..."What I love about ______" and "Date Night".

Other business: I haven't been blogging much. This is due to the fact that I am existing from deadline to deadline, either at work or in my creative life. I rewrote a play last month and sent it out for workshopping possibilities. I have begun my RDT application. I am gathering research for a proposal I will write and propose soon. Alas, I have fully settled back into GSS (Graduate Student Syndrome). Although this will not be a full-time, two-year case of GSS, it needs to remain at least until May.

Of course in my wisdom w/ all these important I signed up for the Survivor challenges over at Tallyscrapper.com. Everyone needs a release though. And the uber-rockin' art of scrapbooking is mine. (Yes that was meant to be a little facetious).

These are always the times in my life that I really want to do 3 million other cool things, like write in my journal more, get my new play on paper, read every Pulitzer Prize winning play ever, read all of The Watchmen series before the movie comes out in 2 weeks, throw an Oscar party...the list continues. But the reality is that most of those things will have to wait (of course the Oscar party won't make sense in May).

Hopefully all is well in your world. If you don't see me for awhile don't be worried, I'll emerge. And hopefully I'll emerge w/ initials behind my name.

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