Friday, March 6, 2009

MARCH to the beat of your own drum...

"I don't want to live forever. But as long as I do I'd love to live for real." K's Choice

a weekend agenda, what? what! yep, even though I am swamped w/ other stuff to do I am so totally in the mood to blog, I couldn't let it pass me by. the next couple weekends will be crazy(good/crazy) with traveling and good music so this weekend has been hereby declared as a "lazy weekend".

on the weekend agenda...
  • mail the RDT application & pray (today!)
  • mail out two goodie for Heidi's scrappers and one for Nikki for winning my challenge!
  • dinner tonight w/ my crazy nurse friend (wahoo)
  • scrapping (2nd category for category stories, "elude" for my art journal atc's, & my "team schrute challenge for the week"
  • catching up on the DVR...I've got some of "my story" (Guiding Light), the Medium, CSI, Criminal Minds (from 2 weeks ago) and the season finale of Nip/Tuck.
  • watch the Watchmen (sunday, keenan is ecstatic)
  • clean my apartment
  • spend time lounging in my sweatpants (this is what weekends are for)

Notice I did not schedule any time for migraine headaches? Do you hear me weather?


Tami said...

it's 1:25 and i am still in my pj's and i brought and picked up anna to school. i didn't even put a bra on! yikes. i hope you have a good weekend.

Breann said...

traveling...i don't know about this...

Patti H said...

sounds like my kind of weekend. Sweat pants and scrapping. Have fun