Friday, March 13, 2009

that's what she said...

This is my niece and nephew. When my stepbrother and his wife told us what they were most likely going to name my nephew (Tiernan David) my niece said this (Umm...I'm uh gonna call him Tiernan Dave) quietly under her breath to us. It was too cute.
This was for our "Office" themed challenges over at Tally. Thus the title: "That's what she said." I've been so busy at work & yet haven't gotten any work done! I feel a little far away from my internet distractions this week. Hopefully next week will be more productive and thus I will feel more like I can take some breaks.
Excited for Tay to be here tomorrow. She is bringing her bf and they are coming w/ me to the Martin Sexton concert, for which I have reserved seats. Jealous?!
Have a wonderful weekend all!

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Christine said...

did u watch the office this week. they had the perfect that's what she said line. have a great day at the concert and see ya again in a few months!