Thursday, April 30, 2009

defending the silver lining.

helplessness is such an odd sensation. for a few minutes off and on throughout each day my brain says "this isn't really happening." then from the same organ the next thought comes quickly: "yes it is, it will, and there's nothing to stop it." i'm updating partially because i don't want people to worry and partially because i have to keep "going".

i did not keep "going" this week. i've done little to no work, little to no cleaning, little to no shopping for groceries, and little to no eating and surprisingly: little to no TV watching.

last night i went to see the "young playwright's festival" it was at the coterie theatre and keenan was reading in two of the plays. of course i thought he was the best part of it...but i'm willing to admit that i may not be an unbiased source.

he has two more shows today and then another reading for a play at the unicorn in may. also u:bug:me begins soon. i am looking forward to hearing some additional violin playing going on's been awhile since the last role that he played it for.

otherwise we are not sure what next season has in store for him. he has had some auditions lately and has some call-backs scheduled and more auditions. so he waits.

my weekend will be (solo again)...
  • bare at the unicorn theatre
  • maybe yard sales (if it ever quits raining)
  • hopefully cleaning
  • soup (the only thing i have an appetite for)
  • it's national scrapbooking day/weekend too...hopefully my motivation returns
  • finalizing my trip to colorado (flying on southwest? renting a car? staying a week)

Have a wonderful weekend. Thank you for everything you've already done, whether it's been sitting with me, making me soup, phone calls, cards & emails, facebook messages, blog comments, texts and prayers. You've defended the silver lining. And I appreciate all of it.

much love.

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Ashley said...

Thinking about your lots.
Hope to see you on Tally some this weekend :)
Hang in there.